This article explains Manga’s manga My Hero Academia 326 Chapter and the events that took place during the chapter.

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My Hero Academia is a well-known manga comic book in the manga and anime community and manga fans worldwide are always looking for the most recent chapter on the web. In this blog we will go over 326 of the My Hero Academia 326 Chapter for our readers.

What is My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia is distributed through Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga is written by and created by Kohei Horikoshi. The initial chapter in the book was published with The Weekly Shonen Jump 32 issue 7th July 2014.

The story centers around Izuku Midoriya who was a young boy who was bullied by all because he didn’t have inborn abilities. Although Izuku did not possess any unique abilities but he nevertheless pursued his dream to become a famous hero just like his superhero All Might. Izuku attends his High School to pursue his dreams. Before you learn more all about My Hero Academia 326 Chapter we will learn more about Izuku who is the main protagonist in the Manga series.

About Izuku Midoriya:

Midoriya will be the primary antagonist in My Hero Academia, a popular manga series. He is often referred to by”Deku” in the manga series. Deku. He is in class 1. A within one of the top Hero Academia schools, U.A. High School.

In spite of the fact Izuku was discovered to have been born without any particular powers, his determination and ferocity to justice attracted the attention of the legendary superhero All Might. In the following years, he was a loyal friend of the heroes All Might, and after his death, all of his powers were passed to Izuku.

About My Hero Academia 326 Chapter

The chapter of three hundred twenty-six in My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi. The story begins with All Might comeback at the Kamino, Yokohama, the location of the Izuku class 1 A battleground. All Might arrive at the location with the intent to inspect the followers who are refusing to leave, but regretting not being able help Izuku.

All Might criticizes himself in front of his statue , blaming himself for not doing anything, and for bringing down anyone. Stain is able to take over the statue with Sten’s sword tied to his neck, demanding that the blow he slammed upon All Might be returned.

At the conclusion in My Hero Academia 326 Chapter, Stain discloses how he came to know his real standing and advises that if he’s truly a hero, he must apply his knowledge of Tartarus to save the world, and he hands him a dagger along with numerous sheets of paper, and instructing him to finish the man whom he killed over 40 of his heroes prior to taking off.


The plot that runs through The storyline of the My Hero Academia manga series is intriguing. The 326th chapter in the manga book presents an exciting new challenge for the protagonist and a fascinating story. Go to the My Hero Academia Wiki fan page to read the 326th chapter.

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