Mushroom farm equipment is an important matter for both new and existing farms, as keeping up with the competition requires constant innovation, increasing productivity and lowering costs, all while taking into account the need for workplace safety and worker satisfaction.

However, with so many different models and products available, it can be difficult to choose equipment for a mushroom farm that will meet all the requirements and stand up to the expectations of the farm’s owners. We’ve gathered information that will help you make the right decision – read on to find out what criteria are especially worth paying attention to!

Mushroom picking trolleys

Mushroom picking trolleys, or to be more precise, their functions and features, greatly affect picking efficiency and, subsequently, the farm’s overall profitability. When choosing a trolley, it’s important to check whether they meet several important criteria. First of all, they should be automated in several aspects.

Automated movement of the platform (especially up and down, but also left and right) is key, as it saves time and is much less tiring for the pickers than solutions present in older trolleys (which required the pickers to turn a crank in order for the platform to move). Another important feature is the automated stoppage system, which is safer than relying on human reflexes to stop the trolley in time when it encounters an obstacle on its path.

Other things that should be considered include optimal battery capacity, stable seat, as well as hand and arm protection.

Lighting for mushroom growing farm

Lighting for mushroom growing farms should be resistant to high temperatures and steaming, as well as energy-efficient and durable in general. That’s why it’s not a good idea to place just any lamps, meant for home or office use, in mushroom farms.

LED or fluorescent lamps with IP68 resistance rating will be a much better option. They will withstand the conditions of a mushroom growing farm without an issue, at the same time providing optimal visual light.

Mushroom knives

Knives certainly aren’t the most high-tech piece of equipment used in mushroom growing farms, but they shouldn’t be dismissed as insignificant. Especially considering the fact that low-quality knives aren’t that much cheaper than much better, more durable models.

Great knives are distinguished by stable, ergonomic handles and blades that won’t get dull easily. Low-quality ones lose their sharpness quickly and need to be frequently replaced. One knife isn’t a big expense, but if dozens of them need to be replaced all the time, the farm’s profitability will inevitably suffer.

Good mushroom farm equipment, which will ensure high efficiency of picking, as well as safety, should incorporate modern solutions (such as automatic movement of the platform) and be resistant to harsh conditions present in such environments.Equipments that meets those conditions (and many more) can be acquired from proven suppliers, such as GROWTIME.