Issues that millions, billions even, of people are facing are now being noticed more by the rest of the world. Take for example the fact that many conditions, whether physical or mental, are now being recognised as disabilities, and people are going even further and trying to make a change for these ones so that they don’t have to feel excluded, cast aside and discriminated against, purely for having a disability. We can see this every time we step outside. When did you last see a ramp at the entrance to a building? Or if there was no ramp, completely flat access? How often do we see elevators to every level along with disabled toilets on each floor? These are all excellent ways that accessibility is moving forward. But thanks to companies like accessiBe, as the world continues to move forward even further, accessibility is keeping up the pace and moving forward to. How?

A big way that the world has moved forward recently is with the technology explosion, also known as, the internet. You would be hard pushed these days to find things you cannot do or discover on the internet. We could have any food we wanted delivered straight to our door, never having to leave the house. We can find out whatever information we desire. We can buy almost any product. We can be transported to another land and walk the streets of a foreign town, all from the comfort of our homes. We can enjoy video calls with family and friends, something we have been especially grateful for during the pandemic we have all faced these past couple of years.

Sadly though, this amazing new part of our lives has only led to frustration and disappointment for some. Yes, certain disabilities can affect how some are able to use the internet. In fact, for some, it is not possible to use the internet unless some adjustments are made to websites to make them accessible. These adjustments may sound daunting but there is no need to feel that way. As mentioned above, companies have already put the work in to make sure that the internet can be accessible to everyone. All website owners have to do is install the software on to their website and the software will do the rest. In fact, if they don’t even want to do that, the software can be installed for them. They literally don’t have to do anything and yet they will be making a difference to thousands, possibly millions of lives. If you are a website owner, have you made yours accessible? If not, don’t delay in getting it accessible in a matter of days.