“Fun” and “moving” don’t usually go hand-in-hand.. Ultimately living in a new place can be interesting, but the steps in between are a lot of hassle. And most people fear the process. Here are a few interesting and innovative ways to avoid hassle and make the shifting process filled with a lot of fun, whether it is done single handed or multi handed.

Steps to Make Moving a Fun Experience:

●     Playing Music –

Music has the ability to make any task go smoother, even it can smoothen tasks like packaging and moving. One can put on the radio, or connect the phone to a speaker playing the favorite song. It instantly energizes the mood and also soothes it. It allows the brain to work more productively.

●     Introducing games and competitions –

If the packaging is multi handed and involves family members or friends, things can be made interesting with the arrangement of games. Like one who finishes packing up first would get a chance to choose out restaurant for the evening. It helps to stay tuned and focused and urges them to work quickly.

●     Innovative dressing up –

Let everyone plan matching outfits. Get funny cartoon hats or dress yourself up like cartoon characters or superheroes. This would help to get rid of the monotony of the work and make the mood jolly. It even brings fun when you are decorating the new house.

Steps to make Moving easy and hassle-free:

●     Storing boxes –

Use separate boxes based on the categories of items. Put similar items together and label them separately. This would help to find the required thing at the right time efficiently. Use smaller to medium boxes for light weighted items. And big boxes for heavy and bulky ones.

●     Packaging tape –

Always use proper packaging tape, one that is durable and has heavy adhesive properties. This shouldn’t be confused with duct tapes. Boxes having tops are assumed to be more secure. Just taping them would be safe enough.

●     Packaging for fragile items –

Fragile items such as dishes, decorative items, glass bowls, and mirrors should be thickly wrapped with bubble wrapper, soft wooly blanket or packing paper. They should be kept above all other boxes.

●     Plastic packaging –

Pack important and needy items in transparent boxes, such as snacks, towels, sheets etc. These would be needed during the very initial stages once you shift. This would also help to avoid rush and the mood won’t get tampered.

●     Renting electronics –

When you shift to a new place it generally takes time to adjust the environment. One should have thorough knowledge of the places, markets, etc. Hence don’t hurry in buying big electronic machines. It’s always better to rent them. There are shops who provide important electronics such as a fridge on rent, as well as AC on rent in Delhi and other appliances on rental.This provides great ease to customers and lets them save a fortune.

Following these few tips and tricks would certainly help to have tension-free packing and moving. Also encourage others to follow these, they might also thank you for the ease you provide. Since this work is considered one of the time consuming, and high laboring tasks.