One of the ways you can lift the weight from your shoulders when moving from one state to another is to find reliable Perth interstate removalists. With everything else you need to keep in mind, knowing you have a trustworthy company handling the moving of your possessions is a big thing. Here are some things that can help as you consider the move.

Think about the logistics of the move

You should think about the move as being a two-fold event, you need to move you and your family (which of course includes your pets) and you need to move your possessions. If you are flying to the new state, you need to arrange tickets and then make arrangements to transport your car to your new home. You also need to make sure the animals can fly. If you are driving you need to plan your route. For your belongings, you need to think about finding reliable Perth interstate removalists who have experience and a good track record. Get several quotes and compare and consider how you want your belongings moved.

Use this as an opportunity to sort through your belongings

This is a great chance to look at what you own and make some decisions about what you want to give away or sell, and what you definitely want to come with you. Start with larger items and then work your way through things. You can sell items online or give them away depending on their condition. Often people have more things than they need, things they keep in storage just in case, clothes they no longer even wear. Now is your chance to de-clutter. Why pay to move things you are not going to use or look at in the new house either?

Start packing early and consider getting help

When you are looking at reliable Perth interstate removalistsit is possible you might choose a company that offers packing services. They will come with their own packing supplies and organise times to come over to pack for you/with you. If you have not chosen that service then you should get plenty of packing supplies yourself and start packing early. It tends to take more time than people often realise. Be sure to label and have a system so you know where things are. Mark fragile boxes, avoid making them too heavy and make sure things do not shift around in them.

Details to remember

It can be a great idea to look for or make a checklist so you can tick things off as you remember to do them. You would also benefit from having a folder where you keep important bits of paper and notes. On the checklist should be things like settling bills and notifying utilities, having post re-directed, notifying others of your address change, changing the information on your pet’s microchip, changing doctors and schools and making sure your new home has phone, utilities and internet all connected ready for your arrival.