As May approaches, you may have already begun looking for ideas on how you can make this Mother’s Day special for the wonder woman in your life. Since mothers are many things, from household CEOs to BFFs and everything between and beyond, why not spoil them with a myriad of sweet little gifts instead of one present? A gorgeous hamper combined with a break from household chores and maybe a nice brunch or dinner – it’s the ultimate pampering experience. 

Why Exactly Hampers?

Because they’re a delight to see and open. Just imagine her waking up to an artfully presented armful of decadent treats and other goodies. And once she’s past the initial wow factor, she’ll be spoiled by an abundance of carefully selected items, chosen with her in mind. 

When shopping for Mothers Day gift baskets Australia wide, you’ll find something for every mum out there, including the one that claims to have everything. Moreover, there’s a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, meaning, there’s something for every budget as well. 

What’s best about Mother’s Day hampers is that they’re completely customisable and leave your hands untied to come up with a unique personal touch, be it a thoughtful message, ribbon or card. You can also have your say in what goes inside the hamper. For instance, if your mum isn’t big on sweets, you can include other treats like fruit or savoury snacks. Of course, Mother’s Day gift baskets aren’t reserved solely for edible stuff.

What Do You Put in a Mother’s Day Basket?

From candles and essential oils to exquisite liquor and lush plants, you have complete creative freedom to tailor a customised gift you know she’ll love. Not that there’s anything wrong with flowers and chocolates, but why not take it up a notch and craft a one of a kind, truly indulgent gift. Before you start your hunt for the perfect hamper, have a look at these mum-approved gift ideas and get inspired.

Exquisite Bottle of Liquor

For the mum who appreciates a good tipple or bottle of orange wine, alcohol gourmet hampers make superb gifts. Not only for Mother’s day but for any other occasion as well. Teamed up with the right snacks, alcohol hampers can be enjoyed as a part of quality me-time or with friends and family. For guaranteed pleasure, make sure to include her drink of choice, be it an easy-drinking rose, flavourful craft beer, aromatic gin or super special champagne. If you want to mix things up a notch, include orange juice or tonic water inside and get the cocktail party started this Mother’s Day.

Coffee and Tea Blends

Liquor isn’t her thing? Enhance her morning or afternoon rituals with a basket full of premium artisanal tea or coffee blends. A custom teacup or mug would make a wonderful addition to this type of gift. You can print a silly pic, a funny pun or a thoughtful message to make every sip a tad sweeter. You’re tea-riffic, best-teas forever, you mean a latte… you get the idea.

Picnic Essentials 

Think mum could use some time away from the everyday chores and tasks? You can have picnic-ready Mothers Day gift baskets Australia wide delivered and enjoy some quality time together under the bright blue skies. What’s best about this type of hampers is that they come with everything you need inside, you just need to pick a spot, grab a blanket and have fun with mum. 

Beauty and Skincare Items

Who doesn’t love a good pamper hamper? If you want to really spoil your mum, opt for premium skincare and beauty products topped off with an exquisite perfume. And to take a simple skincare routine to a soothing self-care ritual, you can also include scented candles and essential oils inside. For an added spa-like moment, consider adding a luxury robe or a pair of fluffy slippers to your hamper.

Cuddly Plushies 

It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 55, everyone loves soft and fluffy plush toys. If you’re after a gift to make mum smile, plushies are the way to go. I mean, those adorable stuffed animals with big sparkly eyes and cuddly fur are instant heart-warmers. You can opt for a giant teddy bear surrounded by a plethora of delicious treats and tie it all together with a simple “love you beary much” note. Or you can express your gratitude for all the sleepless nights while you were growing up with a “thank you for bearing with me” ribbon. It doesn’t get any sweeter than this. 

Lush Flowering Plants 

It goes without saying that fresh bouquets are an eye-filling and heart-warming surprise, but unfortunately they wither and end up in the trash after a week or so. If you still want to include flowers in your hamper, why not opt for a living, potted plant instead. There are gorgeous flowering plants such as cyclamen and peace lilies that don’t need special care to thrive. Plus, their delicate leaves and petals symbolise love and purity in many cultures which makes them ideal Mother’s Day gifts.

Closing Thoughts 

Now that you have your creative juices flowing, it’s time to explore some of the delightful Mother’s Day hampers Australia has to offer. Oh, and yes, you don’t have to wait for a holiday or special occasion to treat your mum to a lovely surprise. In fact, the most memorable gifts are those that are the least expected.