Have you tried using candles to freshen a room or change the atmosphere? If that worked out great for you, you would want to try doing it for your home all year round.

Candle scents can change the mood and ambiance of your home, depending on the occasion. It could be to relax, celebrate, or even work. But with all the types available, finding the perfect one is a challenge.

If you need a starting point, we have just what you need! Here are some of the top candle scents to kick off your fragrance exploration.


More than a flavor, vanilla is one of the leading scents for candles and perfumes. Many describe it as sweet and comforting and sometimes even rich.

Vanilla is a fan favorite in lots of locations across the country and even around the world! It’s a go-to choice for anyone who wants a subtle, sweet scent, regardless of age.


Lavender flowers helped people relax and aid other conditions during ancient times. Even in recent years, those benefits still apply when you use lavender scents.

Lavender is a floral scent that is more fresh than rich. Many recommend this if you want something soothing. It’s also one of the scents frequently found in other mixes.


Some of the best-scented candles come from the citrus family. It includes lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, and more. It’s a perfect choice if you want something fruity and bright!

Since it’s an uplifting scent, the benefits it brings are similar. Citrus candles can elevate your mood and make you feel more energized throughout the day.


Besides being a known flower, the rose is also popular in the world of fragrance. Its scent is much like the flower’s meaning: rich, romantic, and sweet.

Rose is one of the familiar scents among luxury candles. You will also find many people use it for dates or love-related events. But other than that, it’s also great for calming self-care nights.


Eucalyptus is a well-loved scent for the medical benefits it carries. The minty fragrance aids feelings of stress and allows room for better breathing.

In the world of medicine, it’s a natural remedy against colds or coughs because it loosens mucus. It’s usually in the form of consumable treatment or rubs.

While it’s popular in candles and medication, you can also find eucalyptus often used in spas. That’s because the ingredients are great for soothing and revitalizing. And so, it fills your home with a sense of purity.


Sage is another scent that offers several health benefits. Many use it to treat digestion and sore throats and sometimes aid skin problems.

It gives off a very earthy scent that feels somewhat crisp and rich. Sage is often put together with other greens, but it can come off as strong if you aren’t familiar with it.


Sandalwood candles lean more towards the luxury side of scents because of their source. It comes from one of the most expensive types of wood. It gives off a deep, woody aroma with just enough richness.

Some would even say it’s milky or soft for an earthy fragrance. When paired with other earthy scents, it becomes a top option for an uplifting atmosphere!


If you’re looking for winter candle scents, fir is one of the leading options with pumpkin. This piney scent is the perfect fragrance for a winter and holiday vibe. Besides the familiar forest-like smell, it’s comforting and nostalgic.

Fir also stimulates energy and increases warmth, so it’s still good to have at home even after the holidays.

Sea Salt

You will love the sea salt fragrance if you’re a fan of the ocean breeze! It’s the right mix of the sea smell with hints of citrus and floral scents. It’s an almost perfect imitation of the ocean air.

The crisp, salty smell can help you feel relaxed and calm like you would when you’re by the beach shore. It’s also paired with woody scents instead of floral ones to replicate the natural aroma.

Here’s a sea salt candle worth checking out if you want to learn more about them.

Pumpkin Spice

You might know about the recent pumpkin spice craze, but it’s also been a popular candle scent for years. What’s surprising is that it doesn’t contain any pumpkins!

The pumpkin spice fragrance consists of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove. The blend gives it a warm smell and is a bit spicy. It’s the perfect scent for the fall and holidays.


Coconut is often associated with the summer, next to fruity and citrus smells. Many describe it as one of the freshest scents among floral options.

The scent is close to what you would expect when you think of palm trees and the island breeze. It’s the right amount of wood, nuttiness, and refreshment. With that, it can give your home a calm, carefree atmosphere.


While you can find peppermint used as a flavor, it’s also an excellent candle scent choice to soothe you. As part of the mint family, it offers cooling properties that ease pain, stress, and anxiety.

A quick way to describe the smell is clean and sharp in a pleasant way.


One of the many uses of amber includes candle scents. It’s a warm and sweet fragrance with a hint of spice and depth.

Unlike other scents, amber is often the base of different fragrances. A few of its popular pairings include vanilla, tonka bean, and other earthy aromas.

Fill Your Home With The Top Candle Scents Today

One way to freshen your home is by maintaining its scent. To do that, you can try out candle scents!

These can also change the atmosphere of your home for every occasion. At the same time, scents carry healing and relaxing properties, so you can use them to de-stress or focus on work.

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