Marvel Cinematic Universe is the heaven for the fans of super heroes movies, a complete package of action, thrill and great cinematography. People always enjoy Marvel movies because of the hype and also who wouldn’t love to see the superheroes straight out of the comics?

In the total of 23 films, in 12 years, MCU gave us the best series which obviously have more iconic cinematic moments than anyone can ever count on fingers. We hope you always enjoy watching Marvel movies in chronological order if you’re a fan of the super hero movies.

As we all know, phase three of MCU came to an end in 2019 and we all have to agree that marvel studios had aced in revolutionizing the genre of superhero movies by releasing an entire universe of movies, which writers always thought only possible in books. 

It all started when back in 2008, “Iron man” came out, it is one of the main reason of the success of MCU because this had best cinematic shots, great details related to scenes where in between writer also gave the hints about their upcoming storyline for their future movies, which make the viewers more curious and interested for the next part.

There are always two types of movie watchers, one who just watched it in their leisure time and others who absorb every scene by rewatching it. MCU has many iconic scenes which made the audience experience a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Sometimes fans really want to pause a scene in the middle of public screening but thankfully, it isn’t a thing yet, so most of the fans are forced to wait until it gets released on streaming sites. Only then they break down each and every scene, which frustratingly passes in an instance while watching in cinemas.

So, if you have missed the most iconic scenes from MCU, read on as we discuss the top five most paused MCU scenes. 

1: Captain America: civil war- 2016 (captain America vs iron man)

2: The Avengers : 2012 (black widow male stunt double)

3: Thor: The dark world – 2013 (doctor selvig’s research board)

4: The Avengers -2013 (Thanos Reveal)

5: Captain America : The winter soldiers -2014 (captain America’s list)

CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR- 2016 (Captain America vs Iron man):

As we all know, Civil war was the last movie of the MCU. In this, they recreated the scene from the comic book. They took an actual panel from the book and recreated it with the actors and then they framed it perfectly, which was a mesmerizing and fun sight for the fans. 

For movie lovers it was just a scene recreated, but for the comic lover it was a recreation of their imagination which made them pause this scene again and again.

THE AVENGERS – 2012 (Black widow male stunt double):

Black widow was performed by Scarlett Johansson, who made everyone fond of her. There were plenty of scenes where viewer paused the scenes whether it was when she was interrogated by gangster or battling against aliens, however, there was a scene when she was tied up in a chair and attacks the gangsters, while attacking she done a front flip and fans quickly noticed that it was not Scarlet but her male stunt double because of the negligence of editors.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD – 2013 (Doctor Selvig’s research board):

The character which affected the most was Dr. Erik Selvig (the brilliant astrophysicist). In the series, his health was deteriorating and at one point he ended up being mentally unbalanced to the extent that he ran away naked in front of the police. He had lived in the mental asylum for some time where he used a chalkboard for explaining some of his theory, which made the fans pause this scene for reading it thoroughly.

THE AVENGERS – 2013 (Thanos Reveal):

At the end of “The avengers” marvel used a post credit scene to grab the attention of their viewers where they show the glimpse of Thanos.

As every one who has watched the series knows that a lot of incidents happened on the earth because of Thanos, so seeing the first sight of Thanos (portrayed by Josh Brolin) was an astonishing sight for the audience which makes them watch it twice.

CAPTAIN AMERICA THE WINTER SOLDIERS -2014 (Captain America’s list )

After coming back, the captain has to reintegrate into society again. He always carries a small diary with him in which he writes all the new things he would have to learn and helps him in understanding a new world.

When fans caught sight of his diary, they had to pause on this scene to read what the captain had written on his list.


There are many other paused or eye-catching scenes in the series, but these are the most paused moments described by the fans. The top favorite have always been these five scenes which made the audience stop, pause and rewatch it. 

Many other scenes like Captain America’s body scene (deleted) and when all the superheroes gather in avengers was also a breathtaking moment. This series was a full pack of action, thrill and spine-chilling scenes which made it a must watch.