Some of the new e-commerce trends have already been mentioned in this article. You’ve come to the right place as we will share the latest trends.

E-commerce is getting more attention

Virtual reality is trending as it addresses a common objection to buying online: there are fears that the product is different from the photos. Interactive 3D and 360° photos help users better visualize the product, while some retailers share user-created videos of their products to help drive conversions. Similarly, AI-powered visual search displays product images when users enter search terms.

“Shop Local” has become a popular trend due to the devastating effects of the pandemic on local businesses. Consumers are now increasingly choosing to buy from independent retailers, as opposed to big brands, to aid their recovery.

Local ads are also very convertible when it comes to YouTube. Mixing video ads with the local-target ability will lead your business to the next level. Upload more content on the platform, buy YouTube likes to get legit views in the eyes of the audience and start targeting local areas.

Why are these new trends so effective?

E-commerce boomed in 2020 due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of retail stores. In the UK, May 2020 saw a whopping 61% increase in e-commerce sales compared to May 2019. Although more and more stores are now opening, consumer behavior has changed and the expectation is that the E-commerce penetration continues to grow.

Virtual reality and visual search drive conversions due to the simple fact that humans respond better to visual content than text. Google claims that visual content receives 94% more clicks, while AI companies claim that 62% of millennials prefer visual search over text.

65% of consumers now prefer to buy brands that support sustainability, and local businesses tend to be more agile at this – they have a lower carbon footprint and energy consumption compared to big-brand retailers.

How to implement the new e-commerce trends

There are some simple changes businesses can make to drive conversions through visual content. Changing images from JPEG and PNG format to WebP will improve image quality and upload speed.

Asking customers to submit photos and videos of themselves using products is an effective way to combine social proof with visual content to increase conversions. When it comes to sustainability, companies should support green initiatives such as carbon offsetting and reducing packaging.

Expanded prevalence of voice search.

Voice aides on your phone, home savvy center, and surprisingly your TV controller have made considerable progress. Voice search is filling in prevalence, which straightforwardly impacts indexed lists and shopping results.

Online business merchants should stay aware of changes in search so they can upgrade for future deals. At least, ensure your internet business webpage is improved for both versatile voice search by focusing on the sort of data individuals request, for example, site and actual location, contact number, and business hours.

Extra installment choices.

Assuming that your business acknowledges installment just through check or credit or charge card, it’s an ideal opportunity to think about new choices.

Numerous internet-based retailers currently use instruments that permit buyers to purchase with an installment plan with no additional expenses, for instance. your checkout cycle with the goal that when clients are prepared to get it’s a quick and simple interaction.

More astute versatile shopping apparatuses.

Physical retailers dislike seeing individuals taking a gander at their telephone screens, as it could demonstrate that the client is value shopping or utilizing the physical store as a display area for a later internet-based buy elsewhere.

Nowadays, notwithstanding, sagacious retailers offer their own GPS-empowered portable shopping encounters that assist clients with purchasing available or elsewhere. For all retailers, a versatile enhanced site and store is a fundamental component of a positive web-based business experience.