Floor drains are a great addition to any modern bathroom. It allows the water to disappear while ensuring the shower is an integral part of the bathroom. Specifically, there is no need to step in or out of the shower area. That can reduce the number of people that experience trips and falls in the bathroom. 

However, it is more complicated when something goes wrong. After all, you can’t just look at the pipes and joints. 

It should be noted that floor drains are also often included in basements. If this back-ups, you may not know when it happens, just that there is water around the drain in your basement. 

You’ll probably assume that your drain is clogged. This is a possibility and it’s advisable to call a plumber in Cronulla to have it checked and cleared. Although you can purchase a  drain unblocker, if this is chemical-based it can burn the inside of your pipes. 

However, while a clog beneath the floor drain is a possibility, it’s not the most common reason. 

Sewer Line Clog

The most common cause is a clog in your main sewer line, this will run from where your appliances all meet to the water board’s sewer pipe. It’s your responsibility to look after this section. 

Your best option is to insert a sewer camera into the pipes and watch the screen. It will show you what you are dealing with and where it is. This will make it easier to tackle the issue. 

Trapped Air

When the air becomes trapped inside your pipes it prevents the water from flowing as it should. In most cases, the air will have entered from another point in your system. When you try to send water down the floor drain it will meet the air and struggle to get past it. This is because on the other side of the air bubble is more water of equal pressure. 

In short, the wastewater has nowhere to go so it comes out of the floor drain. 

Dealing With the Issue

In most cases, it’s a clog. Once you’ve located it you simply need to use some drain rods to eliminate the clog. You attach each rod to the next, making it longer and longer until you reach the clog. Then, you should be able to drive the rods through the clog. It will help to have a spike or twisted end as this will easily drive through any clog. 

Don’t forget to use your camera to check the clog has really gone.


In most cases, the clog can be broken up and that’s the end of the matter. However, sometimes the clog is due to a damaged pipe. You’ll need to decide whether it’s possible to use an insert or if the pipe needs to be replaced. 

The insert can be fed through the inside of the pipe and inflated into position. However, if you need to replace a section of pipe you’ll have to dig up your yard to find and replace the damaged section. 

You will cure your floor drain from backing up.