Are you a boba tea enthusiast with dreams of becoming a boba tea franchise business owner? Look no further! We have scoured the USA to bring you the most affordable and exciting opportunity in the world of franchising. Gеt rеady to divе hеadfirst into thе dеliciously rеfrеshing world of bubblе tеa as wе introducе you to thе most affordablе bobalicious franchisе that’s taking Amеrica by storm.  Whеthеr you’rе nеw to еntrеprеnеurship or a sеasonеd pro,  this is your chancе to ridе thе wavе of succеss with an incrеdiblе businеss opportunity that won’t brеak thе bank.  So grab your favoritе cuppa,  sit back,  and lеt us tеll you all about it!

Benefits of Investing in a Boba Tea Franchise

Investing in a boba tea franchise presents a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs:

  • Growing Demand: The boba tea market is on the rise, appealing to a wide range of consumers due to its unique flavors and textures.
  • Established Brand: Joining a recognized franchise provides instant brand recognition and an existing customer base, reducing the effort needed to build brand awareness.
  • Comprehensive Support: Franchises offer thorough training and ongoing support, covering everything from site selection to marketing strategies, ensuring your success as a business owner.
  • Cost Efficiency: Being part of a franchise network grants access to bulk purchasing power, reducing costs for supplies and ingredients while maintaining product quality.
  • Proven Systems: Franchise models come with tried-and-tested operational systems, streamlining tasks like store layout and staff management.

Investing in a boba tea franchise allows entrepreneurs to tap into a growing market while benefiting from established business practices. It’s crucial to research and choose a franchise that aligns with your entrepreneurial goals and values.

Most Affordable Boba Tea Franchises in the US

Franchise #1: Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice, originating from Taiwan, is a highly esteemed boba tea franchise known for its unique flavors and top-quality ingredients. It stands out by prioritizing fresh, natural ingredients in all aspects of its beverages. Investing in a Coco franchise comes with comprehensive support, including training, marketing assistance, and access to a well-established supply chain network. 

This commitment to franchisee success is further complemented by Coco’s exceptional customer service and diverse menu of flavors. Joining Coco not only connects you with a globally recognized brand but also provides customers with a memorable and refreshing boba tea experience.

Franchise #2: Presotea

Presotea is a globally renowned boba tea franchise known for its exceptional beverages. Their unique “TeaPresso” machine ensures perfect tea brewing and their diverse menu caters to various tastes. What sets Presotea apart is its commitment to premium ingredients, including top-quality teas and fresh fruits.

In addition to superior products, Presotea offers comprehensive training and support to franchise owners. This, combined with their reputation in the industry, makes investing in a Presotea franchise a compelling opportunity for growth in the booming boba tea market. Their focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has solidified Presotea’s position as a sought-after franchise worldwide.

Franchise #3: HeyTea

HeyTea, a Chinese-origin boba tea franchise rapidly gaining popularity in the United States, offers a fresh take on traditional boba tea with unique flavors and top-notch ingredients. Their commitment to using fresh fruit in their beverages results in vibrant, natural flavors, whether you’re craving a classic milk tea or an adventurous cheese tea. HeyTea also pays attention to aesthetics, with their signature “cheese crown” topping adding a creamy and visually appealing element to their drinks, perfect for social media.

Investing in a HeyTea franchise is enticing due to its strong brand presence, with over 400 stores worldwide and a dedicated customer base eager for expansion in the United States. If you’re seeking a boba tea franchise that combines innovative flavors, premium ingredients, and eye-catching aesthetics, HeyTea is the ideal choice to join the ever-growing bubble tea phenomenon.

Franchise #4: Chatime

Chatime, originating from Taiwan and now spanning over 40 countries, is a renowned boba tea franchise celebrated for its diverse flavors and customization options. What sets Chatime apart is its unwavering commitment to using premium ingredients sourced from around the world, ensuring exceptional brews in every cup. From classic milk teas to inventive infusions, Chatime caters to various tastes and is known for its continuous menu innovation.

Additionally, Chatime’s global presence and reputation for top-notch beverages and service make it an attractive choice for potential franchisees seeking an affordable boba tea franchise. With a steadfast dedication to excellence and ongoing creativity, Chatime maintains its status as a favored destination for bubble tea enthusiasts worldwide.

Franchise #5: Gong Cha

Gong Cha, originating from Taiwan, is a globally recognized boba tea franchise celebrated for its unique flavors and commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients. With an extensive menu catering to diverse tastes and exceptional customer service, Gong Cha has built a strong international following.

What sets Gong Cha apart is its meticulous focus on fresh ingredients, ensuring top-notch quality in every beverage. 

Their menu offers a wide array of flavors and customization options, accommodating both traditional and contemporary preferences. Investing in a Gong Cha franchise is a strategic move for entrepreneurs, given its established brand reputation and global success. Gong Cha continues to thrive as a top choice for boba tea enthusiasts worldwide, thanks to its dedication to quality, diverse menu offerings, and exceptional customer service.

Franchise #6: Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea is a standout in the boba tea franchise scene due to its captivating logo, vibrant store design, and unique features. Their commitment to quality, with premium tea leaves from Taiwan and a variety of toppings, sets them apart. They prioritize the customer experience with knowledgeable staff and customizable options.

Investing in a Kung Fu Tea franchise offers the advantages of a strong brand presence and affordability, making it an attractive choice for both experienced entrepreneurs and newcomers. Their dedication to quality, service, brand strength, and cost-effectiveness positions them as a promising opportunity in the dynamic boba tea industry.

Franchise #7: Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar, a globally renowned boba tea franchise from Taiwan, distinguishes itself through its unique flavor approach and presentation. Their signature “brown sugar” series, with caramelized syrup artfully drizzled in the cup, offers both visual and taste satisfaction. Beyond aesthetics, their commitment to quality ingredients, from freshly brewed teas to perfectly cooked tapioca pearls, ensures a delightful beverage.

Investing in a Tiger Sugar franchise is appealing due to its affordability compared to other boba tea brands. With a strong brand presence and innovative marketing, Tiger Sugar is a top choice for entrepreneurs entering the thriving bubble tea industry. If you’re considering starting your boba tea business and want something exceptional, Franchise Tiger Sugar is worth exploring.

Franchise #8: Boba Tea USA

Boba Tea USA, a renowned and trusted franchise, is beloved by boba tea enthusiasts for its affordability and delicious beverage options. Their commitment to top-notch ingredients sets them apart, offering a superb taste experience for classic and fruity tea lovers alike. Investing in a Boba Tea USA franchise comes with significant benefits, including comprehensive training and support covering all aspects of business operations. 

The franchise is notably budget-friendly, making it an accessible choice for budding entrepreneurs. Moreover, franchisees gain access to established supply chains, ensuring quality ingredients at competitive prices.

Franchise #9: Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon, a globally acclaimed boba tea franchise originating in Hong Kong, has earned widespread popularity among boba tea enthusiasts worldwide due to its unique and refreshing flavors. Their commitment to using fresh ingredients sets them apart, ensuring natural and distinctive tastes in every sip. Happy Lemon stands out with its innovative drink offerings, catering to diverse preferences, and providing a welcoming store ambiance for an enjoyable customer experience.

Investing in a Happy Lemon franchise offers the potential for success through quality ingredients, inventive menu options, and customer satisfaction, appealing to both newcomers and seasoned boba tea aficionados seeking a memorable experience.

Franchise #10: Sharetea

Sharetea, an acclaimed boba tea franchise from Taiwan, has rapidly expanded its global presence with over 500 stores worldwide. What sets Sharetea apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. They use premium tea leaves from Taiwan, ensuring authentic flavors in a diverse menu, and catering to various tastes.

For those seeking an affordable boba tea franchise with a strong brand presence and a dedication to innovation, joining Sharetea is a compelling choice. Their track record and customer-centric approach have made them a favorite among boba tea enthusiasts worldwide.


In summary, investing in a boba tea franchise is a promising opportunity within the thriving bubble tea market. Its widespread popularity among all age groups contributes to the industry’s success. We have examined various affordable boba tea franchises in the USA, each with its unique features.

Beyond financial considerations, it is essential to also consider factors such as brand reputation, menu variety, and customer feedback when selecting the right franchise. This beverage has gained widespread popularity and appeals to people of all ages, contributing to the industry’s success.