Keyword ranking is very essential, especially for an SEO agency. To get the best reputation from your clients, you must ensure that the content is highly ranked. However, this might look simple in theory but can be very challenging if you don’t have adequate tools. The rank tracking is vital in search engine optimization and can show website performance on the search engine result page. To help gain trust and attract more clients consider researching for the Pro Rank Tracker that also showcases your success in running the SEO campaigns. This article will outline the most accurate keyword ranking tools for SEO agencies.

Pro Rank Tracker

This is one of the popular all-in-one tools used by both marketers and SEO agencies. Using this software, you can get automatic updates on-demand and daily. As an SEO agency using this Pro Rank Tracker, you can do local tracking around the world in any language. You can also track google business profile listings with a more accurate algorithm than any SEO tool. 

Features of the pro rank tracker include

  • Local and mobile tracking
  • Sub-Accounts and Reporting
  • API acesss and multiuser management
  • Full Search engine research page


The pro tracker helps you create and schedule reports that are easy to analyze for your clients. This software also offers exquisite features to generate the rank of your website/ with high accurate features. You can monitor the number of visitors and patterns.


You can download and use a free trial. However, there is a monthly subscription.


SEMRush is famous software marketers, and SEO agencies use to market their products. This software helps you monitor your performance on search result pages and improve your online presence. This helps by giving you a wide range of opportunities through the SERP tracking tools. Its always convenient as it offers content marketing, competitor research, SEO marketing, social media marketing, and PPC on one platform.

 Some of its KeyFeaturesInclude:

Tracking Daily Changes: the software can track your daily changes through the volatility of Google SERPs according to daily changes in page ranking.

Accurate Local Map Ranking: this helps to improve your targeting efforts by giving the accurate reporting on the local map

All-in-one Solution: The SEMRush has different tools that enable online visibility management, such as tracking the keywords positions, tracking unlimited keywords, optimize SEO. It also gives solutions to unlimited keywords and enhances organic visibility.

Integration: SEMRush helps you stay organized by offering a wide range of connections while enabling you to integrate the other SEO tools and services. These integrations contain ten Google products, including Gmail, Google My Business, Google ADS, and Google Search Console. You can also consider advanced rank tracking with customized integration.

Reporting Capabilities

The SEMRush has capabilities features that allow you to customize, create and schedule reports that are easy for your customers to read and interpret. Using the customizable reporting templates, you can report a maximum of 50 marketing metrics and brand them. It also contains a set and forgets feature that lets you send reports to clients, saving you more time.


The DashThis is a marketing reporting platform for analytical, SEO rankings, and SEM. The advantage of using this software is that it can work without looking for other software since it contains all the necessary tools. It also contains an analytical dashboard tool that helps ends the need for manual reporting. While using the DashThis allows you to integrate and gather data with other tools such as SEMRush, and Google Console while creating easy-to-read reports for your clients.

Key Features

Multiple Platforms in one Dashboard: using the DashThis, you can work conveniently without looking for a Google search console and different marketing dashboards.

Custom Data Source: The DashThis has CSV file Import system, which helps you add your proprietary data.

Top-Notch Customer Service: The dashThis offer you a dedicated account manager who is an expert

Reporting Capabilities

DashThis has excellent automated marketing reporting that has allowed you to create reports in just a few clicks which will help save you some time. The software is customizable and can fit any business you have.


The Gashthis offers 34 easy-to-connect integration, enabling you to gather all data you need in one convenient tool. In case your specified integration is not on the Dash, you can opt to use the CSV file or Google Sheets integration to add any platform you wish.

The pricing

Regarding pricing, the DashThis doesn’t charge per client or integration. However, you are required to pay per the rows you require. You can sign on their website to have a free trial, or you can choose to pay for a premium subscription which costs around $39

Conclusion  The above keywords ranking tools are essential to ensure your clients are satisfied. You should choose one that will fit your client’s needs and one that is customizable.