When putting together a look, only a handful of women tend to truly recognize the power of jewels. If you’re one of them too, let’s not keep you in the dark anymore. Hear us out – your jewelry isn’t petty stuff. It can have an exceptional impact on you, especially if it’s made of gemstones. Jewelry trends may come and go, but gemstones are forever. And not only for aesthetic reasons are they downright amazing. The boons that they bestow are terrific as well. Especially moonstones, which can make for a fantastic addition to the arsenal of ornaments as they not only exhibit surreal glow but also have some bewitching benefits attached to them. Ready to unravel them? 

Here, read the blog and find out about the wonderful benefits attached to the moonstone! 

The incredible benefits of a gorgeous Moonstone we want you to know about:

What if we say you can heal and appeal, both at once? Sounds incredible, no? Well, with moonstones jewelry, you can. Here are the benefits of wearing moonstone:

#1. Moonstone is blessed by the moon – According to folklore, moonstone is said to be imbibed with calming and tranquil energies synonymous with its namesake – the moon – which can be of great help for the mental wellbeing of its wearer.

#2. Moonstone has great healing properties – This magical stone keeps your hormones in check and regulates your pituitary glands and digestion. It also improves digestion, keeping the curves of the lips intact!

#3. Moonstones are holistic healers – Different moonstones can cater to different restorative needs. The Rainbow moonstone enhances psychic abilities while the yellow ones tend to purify and clear the chakras. The Blue moonstone is popular for aiding mental clarity. 

#4. Moonstones enhance feminine health – Moonstone symbolizes the Yin or the feminine energy aspect of Chinese culture. This is believed to regulate menstrual disorder, childbirth, and so on. 

5 modish ways you can style your Moonstone jewelry:

When it comes to having moonstones on, there are several possibilities available to one. Here, check these out:

  1. Anklets – Moonstone anklets? Why not! Go for a dainty ankle bracelet or a flamboyant, festive one depending upon your mood. Trust us, moonstone anklets never disappoint.
  1. Bracelets – Moonstones appear equally charming in the form of bracelets. They look super elegant and bring out the beauty of your pretty hands. So, maybe consider going for a yellow sheen moonstones bracelet the next time? 
  1. Earrings – If you want to make a statement with your jewelry, moonstone earrings are apt. After all, for a simple yet sophisticated look, what better than classic white moonstone studs?
  1. Pendants – Moonstones can be splendid for embracing a youthful look. If you choose to keep it simple, those tiny moonstones can do magic. But for more of an ostentatious look, bigger blue gemstones are a lovely pick.
  1. Rings – Choosing the perfect engagement ring is no easy feat. But with moonstones, it is! Rainbow moonstone rings have been a popular choice for engagements and their regality explains why.

Bottom line…

Moonstones can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe for a variety of reasons. They are not only graceful and timeless but also quite beneficial for health. So wait no more. Hop into the store of your nearest wholesale gemstone jewelry seller and make your pick!


Moonstone is the top pick when buying gemstone jewelry. Its charm and healing prowess are beyond imagination, after all. So, if you want to add the swing to your style while adding healing properties and well-being to your lives, reach out to your nearest wholesale silver handmade jewelry seller and buy a moonstone. But in the meantime, why not read this article and find out about its celestial benefits?