Monte Lab Diamonds, Ltd., is a professional high-end gemstone processing and jewelry custom manufacturer headquartered in Belgium. Founded in 1998, we specialize in all kinds of diamond simulant, such as CVD Diamond, HPHT Diamond, Lab Created Moissanite. Our gemstones are grown in our Research Laboratories all over the world: Antwerp, Lommel, Moscow and Ramat Gan. By duplicating the conditions deep within the Earth, including temperature, pressure and chemical makeup, our laboratory can grow gemstones over a year’s time. These laboratory grown gemstones are physically, optically and chemically identical to their mined counterparts. The only difference is that the gem growing process takes place above the ground, rather than below. Our technology allows us to provide gemstones at a fraction of the price.

Our Moissanites and natural diamonds can look similar when viewed from a distance. It has similar quality, brilliance and elegance but at only 1% of the actual cost of diamond. Monte Moissanite are nearly perfect on the 4C scale (color, clarity, color and cut) and have a color comparable to a DEF grade diamond. Monte Moissanite as the best diamond simulant is crafted using innovative technology gives customers to get more value for their money.

Monte Moissanite offers certain features which are unique to it. These features are exactly what make Monte the best diamond simulant brand.


The new generation Monte Moissanite is cut from the highest purity crystals, has optimal cut and sparkle, is always eye clean. Consumers prefer the natural look of the Monte Moissanite. For the growth of high purity Moissanite crystals, we use technology HT-CVD™ (High temperature chemical vapor deposition). This is the most advanced technology for high purity Moissanite growth to present. We demonstrated a 300-mm 4H-SiC raw crystals without cracks using by HT-CVD™ technology.


High Purity Moissanite is scratch-resistant. It is one of the toughest and most durable gemstones available. It rates 9.25 on the MOH Hardness Scale. In comparison to a Diamond which rates a 10, it ranks very well. To compare it to another popular gemstone, the Topaz only rates an 8. Like the Diamond, the moissanite ring is meant to last a lifetime. 

Moissanite (Silicon carbide – SiC) exists in about 250 crystalline forms. The polymorphism of SiC is characterized by a large family of similar crystalline structures called polytypes. The most common polytypes are the hexagonal 2H, 4H, 6H, and 15R (referred also as α-SiC) and the cubic 3C (or β-SiC).

The Monte Moissanite is a 4H SiC polytype structure, it  is the whitest raw SiC polytype, allowing for true D, E, F, G & H colorless moissanite production. By seeded growth of silicon carbide by HT-CVD™ technology, we grow large single crystals consisting of only purity 4H SiC polytype. Almost moissanite stone in market are 6H SiC, grown by old technologies.

As a preliminary investigation, an molecular dynamics (MD) simulation of nanoscratching test was performed on silicon and major polytypes of SiC i.e. α-SiC and β-SiC to evaluate the cutting hardness.

Evolution of Cutting hardness over 10 nm of tool advancement for silicon and its alloys.

Therefore, 4H Moissanite SiC is much harder than 6H SiC. Monte Moissanite will hold up for your entire life. You should not experience any dullness in the gemstone, scratching, or chips as long as you take proper care of the gemstone.


The iconic Brilliant Round dates back over 100 years, and was designed in 1919 by a Belgian diamond cutter named Marcel Tolkowsky. The traditional cone shaped cut with a rounded top contains 58 facets, which allows for maximum light reflection making it the best cut for brilliance, fire and sparkle. All Monte round cuts have these exacting ratios resulting in amazing sparkle, and are available in many sizes. An extremely versatile shape it’s no surprise this classic and timeless style is our most popular Moissanite cut. The Artisan Diamonds Cutters at Monte have perfected the cutting technique to maximize the fire and brilliance and reduce the double refraction, or ‘disco-ball effect’, giving our Moissanite a brilliant and natural look.

All Monte gemstones have faceted girdles as natural Diamond. Most diamonds today have faceted girdles where the entire perimeter of the girdle contains a number of facets. Each facet is vertical and proportional, cut to enhance the light performance of the stone. Unlike the smooth girdle, the faceted girdle allows maximum light reflection.

For customers who want something premium and ethical, Monte Lab Diamonds has the choice. Lab Created Diamonds are the jewel of the future.

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