The development years of a child’s life have a remarkable role in shaping them as an adult and here the role of parents comes in. Parents can be called roots of a child’s development. The way they monitor a child’s reflexes and routines reflect in the child’s overall development. In this constantly technology-driven world when children are in some way getting to indulge in technology monitoring kids’ phone has become important for the parents.

The habits and behavioral patterns of the child’s developmental years are often carried to the adult age. The years of development in a child’s life have long-term effects on their well-being. Development not only comprises of physical development but also development in terms of social and cognitive development. Children are exposed to several distractions these days. Technology on the other hand is continuously adding to the distraction.

Why Do We Need to Monitor Child?

Interaction with technology has affected the child’s development in both physical and mental ways. The parents coping up with the fast-paced world need to monitor the child in terms of their internet activity. Here are the reasons listed for the parents to start monitoring their child’s online activity:

Effects Because Of Increased Screen Time

Using a digital screen beyond the healthy limit can have multiple effects on a child’s health. Long-term effects can also result in eye-related disorders and mental health issues.

Identity Theft

Faux identity and frauds related to identity are possible of kids might share important information online.


Kids are disposed to cyberbullying. They might suffer mutelydeprived of sharing this with parents. Using spy apps for kids may help in preventing them from cyberbullying.

Harmful Gaming

Online gaming can have adverse psychological effects on a child’s mind. Besides these, there are games available on the internet which may be highly dangerous for children. 

Online Predators

Monitoring kids phone to check with whom they are interacting online is a necessity. Unsafe online texting may allow predators to assault the kid.

Malign Content Consumption

The Internet is loaded with information that is not safe for kids to consume. This information is very easily available which might have a bad influence on kids’ minds hence affecting their development.

Hence, these reasons show why it is important to monitor child interaction with technology. The invasion of your child’s privacy by you is always better than exposing them to this unsupervised world. It is of the ultimate priority today to keep your child safe from any hazardous effects of technology that can hinder their overall development. 

How Can You Monitor Kids?

The parents need to prevent the kids from becoming prey to the unsafe technological world. While this may seem intrusive to parents in their child’s privacy but the safety of the child cannot be endangered for this reason. Parents often ask how can they monitor kids’ phone and ensure kids internet safety. Here are ways in which one can monitor their child’s digital activity.

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Using the Apps Your Child Is Using

Installing the apps and using them yourselves is a way to monitor your child’s activities. This allows the parent to understand the application and if there is any threat the child is exposed to.

Getting Information about Safety and Privacy Threats of Those Apps

If not possible to use the apps yourself one can gather information related to its privacy and safety threats by simple searches. Hence, keeping oneself updated about the apps the kids are using.

Talking Frequently about Internet Safety to Your Kid

Conversation solves major issues. Having a conversation about internet safety and allowing your child to converse openly can reduce the harmful effects of using the internet.

Using Child Monitoring Software

Child monitoring software can be used to monitor kids’ phone without them knowing it. TiSPY brings to you one such easy-to-operate parental control software. It allows the parent to manage calls, track text messages, and keep a check on the social media sites like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Snapchat. Other salient features involve GPS tracking, internet usage in terms of websites and URL accessed by the kid, and alert to adult content through AI-based algorithm.

Setting a Limit on Screen Time

There are time limits for different age groups recommended for healthy internet usage. Keeping a regular check on the kids’ screen time may allow them to use technology for safety purposes and not involve themselves in unsafe activities.

The majority of the parents would agree that it’s not easy to monitor a child these days. The kids may successfully hide things from their parents. Hence, using child monitor app and spy apps for kidslike TiSPY comes to the rescue in these cases.

Pros of Monitoring a Child

There are many cases reported in which monitoring kids phone has helped the parents to keep their child safe from falling prey to the online world. It has also proven to be enhancing the relationship between kids and their parents. The benefits of monitoring a child are listed as follows:

Knowing About Their Conversation with Others

Through a child monitoring appone can see the conversation your child is involved in. This is a way to prevent your child from online predators and also stay informed about any bad influences in their lives.

Ensuring Their Safety While Going out Alone

Spy apps for kids provide a GPS tracker. In cases when the child is lost or lying about their location this feature comes handy to ensure their safety.

Prevent Them from Cyber bullying

In instances of cyber bullying child goes through a lot of emotional distress and might not able to share this with their parents. Through child monitoring softwareparents may look into the conversation and help the child cope up with these instances.

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Prevent Them from Threats of Identity Theft

Information shared by children online may result in misuse of their identity by hackers and other evil elements on the internet. Monitoring kids phone allow parents to check up on the information they are sharing online.

Promotes Healthy Technology Use

Having a high screen time also results in a sedentary lifestyle. This unhealthy use of technology can result in long-lasting health effects. Heath tracking feature in a child monitor app allows parents to keep a check on their screen time and also their sedentary habits. If not checked these may affect the child’s development.

Protecting Their Personal Information

Children are very prone to share personal information on the internet which might be harmful to them in several ways. Using spy apps for kidsmakes it easy for parents to prevent them from any harmful effects.

Alert against Harmful Surfing

The digital world is highly unregulated in terms of information available on it. Children are very easily exposed to information that might be harmful to them. A child monitor app allows parents to supervise the information their kids are consuming. 

Alert against Adult Content

Unregulated surfing may also result in the consumption of adult content by the child which may harm the child’s mind. TiSPY, a child monitoring software alerts parents when the child is consuming any kind of adult content.

Reducing Worries of Child’s Safety

The various negative effects of technology have put parents in distress of their child’s safety. Monitoring kids phone regularly helps in reducing this distress of parents.

Ensuring A Healthy Parent-Child Relationship

Technology has affected the parent-child relationship as well. Monitoring kids’ phone helps parents understand the perspectives their kids are developing. This helps them in building a healthy relationship with their kids. 


Parenting a child is a role of a lot of responsibility. The over-engrossing world of technology has made it difficult for parents to ensure their child’s safety. This has also affected child’s development adversely. Hence, it becomes crucial for parents to monitor their children regularly to prevent them from the harmful effects of technology.

Having said that, child monitoring software and spy apps for kids have made this task easy for the parents;TiSPY presents such parental control software which can be installed and is easy to use. It has multiple features like monitoring social media sites, alerts against adult content, GPS tracker, and many other features that help parents ensure their kids’ safety. Parents can easily use this child monitor app to keep with their kids’ safety and overall development.


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