Are you a fashion lover looking for the best EDGY Fashion Collection? is a new fashion goal on EDGY and fashionable shoes. Read reviews of Mollyshoe COM online reviews.

The store has the most comprehensive collection of inexpensive, elegant and bold shoes. The store consists of bestsellers and new arrivals where you can find the latest and fashionable shoes at a cost-effective price.

All products are available for shipment via the United States, and before placing an order, make sure you’ll find out reviews.

What is Mollyshoe com? is a new fashion store on the internet specializing in the latest Bold and Edgy collection. But before buying, it is important to check if Mollyshoe com legit or fraud.

The store has an affordable range of the latest and stylish shoes, from sandals, sneakers, shoes and others. The store gets pride that this is a destination for all fashion needs. The products are carefully classified, and each product is undertaken to redefine trends and meet the needs of aspiring fashion enthusiasts.

The store aims to distribute fashion trends and messages on shoes for women with thinking forward. The store provides shoes in the United States. According to the reviews Mollyshoe COM, this is a destination for fashion aspirants inspired by the latest fashion and wants to have the latest collection of shoes on Edgy and bold shoes.


• Website URL –

• Products – shoes, sandals, shoes, slippers, heels and more

• Domain age – Registered domain on March 15, 2021, 18 days

• Contact number – on

• Address – 12819 Telegraph Road, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

• E-mail support – [email protected]

• Payment modes – PayPal payment

• Shipping – the order lasts 15-25 days to get to the final destination, and consist of shipping fees for all orders.

• Return and return – the store does not accept returns or exchange without the authorization of return.

• Social presence – a social account does not work

Pros Mollyshoe Com

• According to Reviews Mollyshoe com, has the most extensive collection of Edgy Shoes

• Different diversity of shoes, sandals and heels for women

• Shoes are available in various sizes

• All latest bold and fashionable shoes

• Product description available for a better purchase

• Offering global shipping shoes

• Discount available on all orders

Cons Mollyshoe Com

• No feedback or product replacement

• Shipping fees apply to orders

• Product descriptions are incomplete

• The owner’s name is not divided

Is Mollyshoe Com Legit or Fraud?

We carefully assessed the site and found many reasons to take into account a suspicious website.

• The owner’s name is not shared on the website

• The domain is less than six months, as registered on March 15, 2021

• The site trust index is only 1% and is unfavorable

• There are no reviews of online other than reviews on the seller’s website

• very little details are available on the website, which makes it difficult to confirm the ID card

These are indicators that make the page seem to be suspicious. In addition, the store is too young to evaluate the ID card. So readers must wait for the buyer buyer every real review.


As mentioned, we analyzed the website and have not found any online review from customers. After the assessment, we found a few opinions on the site and do not favor the site.

Products on the website have been given reviews from customers. It seems to be counterfeited because the site was registered on March 15, 2021, and most of the reviews were published on the same day. So it creates a suspicion in the buyer’s mind.

We call on readers for carefully conducting interests on the website after properly checking and reading the impartial opinions of Mollyshoe com. It will help you avoid cheating online.


Having the latest EDGY SHOES collection is a dream of many women. But where to get the latest and best collection of bold shoes, there is a question about which many women ask. is a destination where women can access the latest collection of fashionable and elegant shoes at affordable prices.

However, after the assessment we found real indicators that make the site seem to be suspicious. Because this is a new site, he lacks online buyers. We have to wait until you find unbearable reviews of Mollyshoe com to confirm whether it is legal or cheating.

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