Moga mobile gaming system is actually a controller that is used to provide best gaming services to the players. It has the best controlling buttons and analog sticks. Moga controllers are usually made for mobile gamings to get immersive graphics and enjoyment without touching home screens. It is a wireless controller that is directly paired with your mobile device via Bluetooth connections. It optimizes your gameplay and provides you with the best gaming experience ever. While using moga mobile gaming controllers, players can charge their androids through these moga controllers. Get your moga controllers for your mobile devices now and enjoy the best gaming experience.

Moga Mobile Gaming System For Android

It is a Bluetooth controller actually made for mobile or cloud gamings. It has wireless connection with your android device and can charge your mobiles wirelessly. It offers best gaming features when connected with your android devices. The moga mobile gaming controller has many features and functions that increase the beauty of different games such as dragon mania, dragon city, etc. You can play with full concentration using a moga controller that works as a joystick. The moga gaming controller has analog sticks, 4 action buttons, left & Right moving buttons and start & stop buttons. These moga features have no problems and damages to interrupt gaming. Moga gaming controllers are stretchable and have a stretchable arm attached to it. This arm holds a mobile and is fitted in the center of the mobile. Moga mobile gaming controller is the best investment of the players for gaming purposes. You can experience playing console like design and graphics of the games using this stunning controller. It protects your mobile screens for not playing games with fingertips.

  • Moga Gaming System Features

Moga mobile gaming controller has the best and stunning features that provides best compatibility. These features include wireless connection, Moga Arm, amazing battery life or best controls.

  • Integrated Power Bank

The Moga controller’ battery is long lasting. You can charge your mobile phones while playing games through a moga gaming controller. The Moga controller has an integrated power bank that has a 3000 mAh rechargeable battery. It is used as a power bank that charges your android devices with any cable system. It also includes a usb to usb cable of 30cm long to charge your mobile phones.

  • Balanced Phone Clip

Phone clip is an amazing feature of the new moga controller. It is basically a back stand that has grips of rubbers to protect your mobile phones while playing. Clip is easily expandable and fits mobile with a range of 3.12″. Players can easily fit their mobile phones in this best phone clip to play even better. It has dual locking points to protect your mobiles during gameplay.

  • Bluetooth Connection

One of the best features that moga mobile gaming controller provides to its users is Bluetooth connection. Players can easily connect this moga controller with their android device via Bluetooth connection. You have to pair your controller with your mobile phones. Get a long lasting gaming experience with full enjoyment without any use of cables. Enjoy playing your favorite combat or racing games with the best controls of wireless moga mobile gaming controllers.

  • Moga Arm

Players can easily level up their gaming experience using moga mobile gaming controllers. It includes a stretchable moga arm. Moga is one of the best features provided to the android users. Players can easily fit a moga controller on their mobiles using a moga arm. Moga arm is placed in the center of the mobile that is stretchable and portable. If you want to get perfect gaming, get your moga controller now that easily fits on your mobile though moga arm.

How to Connect Moga mobile gaming controller with mobile phones via Bluetooth?

Players can level up their experiences of gaming with a new and enchanting moga mobile system gaming controller. This moga controller offers best gaming capabilities to the players. Players can connect moga controller wire or wireless. Wireless connection is via Bluetooth. You can easily pair up this moga controller with your mobiles. Follow some steps to connect it with android devices.

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth on the mobile.
  2. Turn on your Moga controller by pressing the Xbox button.
  3. Press and hold the controller Bluetooth button for 2 to 5 seconds until it turns on.
  4. Paired it on mobile by selecting the moga controller name in the Bluetooth device list.
  5. You can also scan it, if it doesn’t appear in the list.
  6. See, if led light turns on then your moga controller is perfectly paired to use.

Players can also connect this amazing moga controller with cable using USB cable.


Finally to conclude this article, we can say that moga mobile gaming system is actually a controller to provide the best gaming experience to the players. It has stunning features of controlling through buttons. It is basically designed for playing games and players have called it a game changer.  You can get advanced controlling buttons and a built in power bank. You can use this moga mobile gaming controller with the charging that lasts upto 12 or 15 hours. Enjoy playing with this controller on your mobile phones.


Can I use a moga controller with any of the best games?

Yes, you can use a moga controller to play all games having a moga universal driver.

Is a moga controller arm portable and stretchable?

Yes, a moga controller has an arm that attaches to your mobile device and it is portable and stretchable.

Can this moga controller be connected with the Xbox series?

No, moga controller is only for Android/ Mobile.