What is Modzilla.IO Among Us? The third-party app store offers several popular games, apps, fixes, and more to mobile users. This application attracts the attention of Internet users in South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, and India. However, public opinion is asking about its validity.

What is Modzilla.IO?

Modzilla.IO is a third party operated app store containing several apps and tweaks for internet users. The website interface is impressive; contains 3 tabs – Home, Applications and About. The Home tab consists of the “Featured Categories”, “Latest Update”, and “Up-to-Date” sections.

In the “Featured Categories” application users will see 6 subsections – Games, Applications, Enhancements, Jailbreak, Emulator and Utilities. After Modzilla.IO Among Us, many of the latest applications can be seen in the “Latest Update” section; following it; the most popular applications are available in the “Trends” segment.

The second tab – Applications contains some popular games, applications, and last but not least, the Information tab gives you an insight into the application.

How can we verify the application?

According to the developer, the verification process consists of several steps:

• After successful installation, check the profile by going to Device Settings.

• Now select the option “General Settings”.

• You will get the option “Profile and Device Management”.

• Following Modzilla.IO Among Us, go to the option above and click on a profile to complete the verification process.

Application installation procedure from this page:

New users who are unfamiliar with the installation process should read this Para-Well, in the “Applications” tab you will find many popular games and applications; to get them – first select the application you want to use. When clicked, a separate window will open. “Get Started” will appear in this window.

If you tap on it, a separate Modzilla.IO Among Us window will reopen, which will redirect you to a YouTube video explaining the entire procedure for downloading applications and patches from that specific application. The video is approximately 4 minutes long and explains the entire process.

According to this video, when you click “Get Started” you will see a new option “Open Injection Files”. In this option you will receive all injection files that needed to be installed on your device.

Follow the procedure listed in the app, and once that’s done, you can install the APK file of the specific games or patches you want to use.

Is Modzilla.IO Among Us Legit?

Modzilla.IO is an application store compatible with mobile devices. As mentioned, it is operated by an unknown third party and launched on November 16, 2020. We received several red flags as we could not find the operator information and user comments.

They shared a Tweeter link that redirects the iOS Ninja landing; however, we could not conclude that it is an operator. All the above parameters do not meet the criterion of validity and it seems suspicious.


This app store is approaching services that require specific actions; when installing the app, there are some special steps that are mentioned in Modzilla.IO Among Us. Specific actions include installing individual injection files and opening them for a few seconds.

Installing such apps can be risky as we recommend using this app store.