The Call of Duty franchise is arguably one of the best shooter game series of all time. Produced by Activision Blizzard, the game records hundreds of millions of active players every month. Coming off the commercial success of the first Modern Warfare releases, Call of Duty is set to bring Modern Warfare II to the markets come October 2022. 

Like many other games in the series, you can expect to see incredible weapons, gameplay tweaks, and improved modes. With the release date drawing closer, here is what we know about Modern Warfare II and the platforms where it will be available.

Release Date and Platforms

The two most recent versions in the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard were released in 2020 and mid-November 2021, respectively. However, they failed to meet the expectations for commercial success because most players didn’t like the World War 2 theme.

In a bid to bounce back from the disappointing launch of the two releases, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is scheduled to hit gaming platforms at the end of October 2022. However, before then, you can expect the beta versions of the game. 

PlayStation users can get an exclusive release of the beta version between September 16 and 20. PC gamers and Xbox customers will have scheduled access to Modern Warfare II’s beta between September 22 and 26. 

This beta launch includes early access on the first two days of the release to your gaming platform. You can preorder the game from your retailer to get an early access code by September. 

The essence of beta releases is to get public feedback and tweak the game to perfection. This has been a constant practice with the Call of Duty franchise and it’s not about to change anytime soon. 

Maps and Game Modes

A lot is bound to change since the first installment of Modern Warfare in 2019. Activision has worked on resolving the many issues that have plagued the game since its release.

Like every new release, Modern Warfare II is going to feature a new game mode termed DMZ. Intel says the mode draws inspiration from Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov. In addition, the game is expected to feature a Formula 1-styled map trajectory. This map is called Grand Prix and includes sites like the Marina Bay race circuit. There are also intels suggesting water. 

An interesting feature of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is the improved multiplayer mode. While it’s unclear what the multiplayer mode would look like, we can expect a close similarity with top COD releases. This will most likely come in addition to classic modes like Gun Game, Search and Destroy, and Team Deathmatch. 


All COD titles are just as good as their weapons. And with Infinity Ward working closely to make this the best Call of Duty experience yet, players are in for an exciting array of weapons. Some of the guns anticipated in the game’s release include those originally featured in the 2019 edition of Modern Warfare.

Common names in the weapons mine include the Bruen Mk9, Lachmann Sub, PSDW 50, M4, Revive Pistol, AX-50, and Strela-P. Other rifles include the AK-47, SCAR, STG A3, as well as the JOKR launcher.  

Final Thoughts

Between now and October 28, it will not be unusual for many aspects of gameplay to change. But you can trust that our review won’t be far off from the demo version or even the main game.  Meanwhile, you can revisit the previous games to reacquaint yourself with the returning maps or even try your luck at a Call of Duty-themed slot game. You can find the most reliable companies that operate here in Ontario through the link.