What Is Modafinil & What It’s Used For?

Modafinil is a drug that is consumed to treat a few of the symptoms of narcolepsy. It is a type of stimulant that helps fight off the urge to sleep during the day.

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that triggers sleepiness in humans. The excessive sleepiness doesn’t allow to stay awake during the day. It may also disturb your sleeping pattern at night time. People with narcolepsy are prone to falling asleep at odd times during the day. As a patient of narcolepsy, you cannot control the urge to sleep since it comes without a warning.

Narcolepsy has no cure but Modafinil can help normalize the situation to an extent. It helps reduce the symptoms by providing more control. The drug is formulated to stimulate the brain to help it stay awake. It increases alertness which helps decrease excessive sleep.

Ways to Consume Modafinil

You can consume Modafinil with or after a meal. It should be swallowed whole with a glass of water. Never crush or break the tablet to take your self-assessed dose.

Modafinil should always be used with a prescription. Always consult your physician about the dosage. The drug dosage depends on how severe your condition is, and how your body reacts to Modafinil.

The drug has two strength variations— 100mg or 200mg. Initially, Modafinil is prescribed for a dose of 50mg or 100mg daily. It is eventually increased to 200mg for everyday use. Your physician may advise you how to split the dose into two at start; 100mg in the morning and the other half around noon.

Your symptoms will help your doctor decide how much Modafinil you need every day.

The Smart Drug

There is much talk in the town about a smart drug called Modalert. Modalert is just another name for Modafinil. It is commonly used word for Modafinil. It is a stimulant which helps employees, site workers, and students to stay alert.

Modalert helps increase wakefulness by enhancing the cognitive power of the brain. It is to note that Modalert is not responsible for energizing the body. It does not speed up your internal systems. It only stimulates your brain to make it perform better.

Most importantly, Modalert is not addictive like narcotics. Narcoleptic patients have been taking Modalert for years and none of them have reported any substance abuse so far.

Some people are hypersensitive to Modalert and may be prone to slight histamine reaction. Some people also develop severe reactions such as skin rashes and eczema. Your physician may instruct you to discontinue the drug.

Side effects of the Modalert include anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, and diarrhea. Patients may also suffer from dizziness and nervousness. One-third of the patients have reported severe headaches too.

Can We Consume Alcohol With Modalert?

Alcohol and Modalert are quite a lethal combination for your health in the long run. Consuming Modalert with alcohol gives rise to a number of unfavorable reactions like blackouts. It also increases alcohol tolerance.

Researchers are studying for potential side effects. In the meantime, it is not advised to consume Modalert with alcohol. Many patients have experienced severe blackouts and acute migraine. Alcohol tolerance makes people to consume more drinks and endure trouble getting drunk.


Alcohol and Modalert affect the brain chemistry in two completely different ways. Alcohol aims to increase the activity of GABA (a neurotransmitter) while decreasing glutamate’s activity. On the other hand, Modalert does the opposite!

Modalert is an antagonist to GABA and decreases its production. It boosts the production of glutamate. This creates a conflict in the systems. The Modalert tries to increase the brain’s activity while alcohol tries to depress it. This is unhealthy for the human body and may have adverse side effects.

Negative Impact on the Liver

Liver is responsible for metabolizing all the compounds that enter our body. It helps transform active compounds into inactive metabolites that are excreted out of the body. They are excreted through the digestive tract and kidneys.

Alcohol and Modalert are also passed through the liver to be broken down and neutralized. But it takes a lot of energy to break down these compounds. The breakdown of the two compounds places a huge burden on the liver.

Acute Dehydration

Drinking alcohol while consuming Modalert will cause extreme dehydration. Both the compounds are responsible for water loss in the body. All the water is used to breakdown these two complex and opposite compounds.

It is not advised to consume alcohol with Modalert since it may greatly dehydrate you.


You cannot expect positive results by mixing alcohol with Modalert. You may have to suffer severe headaches and blackout if you drink beer with Modalert pills. We advise you to seek your physician to help you further in this regard.