There is something about attention-grabbing vehicle wraps or graphics that make your brand stand out, turn heads and drop jaws.

This is the main objective of leveraging out-of-home (OOH) advertising as a marketing strategy—capturing your target audience’s attention.

So, when you brand your car using custom mind-blowing designs of your business, you ensure that your brand gets noticed by many people.

But if you prefer subtlety, you can still have custom designs on your car like window graphics, that add a touch of sophistication without being too flashy or attention-grabbing.

Whatever your preference, MKT Graphics will make custom car designs for you that suit your style.

Knowledgeable About Design Practices

Tyler and Mark, the founders of MKT Graphics, have a combined 30 years of experience perfecting their graphic skills, making them masters of the craft.

However you want to showcase your brand, they will make it happen.

Is it a minimalistic logo design like Nike, a retro, dynamic 3D design, or a colourful and vibrant design like the new Barbie movie?

With their expertise, MKT Graphics will turn your car into a canvas of artistic expression.

Uses High-Quality Materials and Advanced Technology

But before they can turn your car into a walking canvas of artistic creativity, they use the finest vinyl as raw materials in all their projects.

Then they print the designs using a state-of-the-art 64” latex printer that creates high-resolution graphics with sharp details and vibrant colours.

With your rolling work of art, you are bound to turn heads and start up a few conversations, as the end product is perfect and stylish.

Offers a Comprehensive Range of Graphics Services

MKT Graphics matches your style and personality by providing the following various custom design services:

  1. You can get vinyl car wraps with limitless design options. With these car wraps, you are spoilt for choice with a variety of colours, patterns, textures and finishes.
  2. You can get a paint protection film that shields your car from scratches, chips and exposure to environmental elements. Therefore you can enjoy cruising down the streets regardless of the season.
  3. If you don’t fancy a full car makeover, Tyler and Mark can do window graphics. Window graphics can incorporate your tagline or logo to advertise your product or services.
  4. You can use custom banners as vehicle decals for your marketing. Vehicle decals are smaller graphics that cover specific areas of your car. For example, window graphics.

Get Custom Cool Designs for Your Car in Guelph, Ontario

Look no further to have cool custom designs done for your car at MKT Graphics. 

They use high-quality materials and printers to ensure that the end product is a design to be in awe of.

Also, you will wow your target audience with expertly designed and printed custom car designs for your marketing purposes.

Book an appointment with MKT Graphics, and don’t miss the opportunity to turn your car into your moving billboard.