You want to verify the legitimacy of the website?Mjharrisathome Reviews? Please take the time to read this article.

Are you looking for amazing aroma candles that will enhance your day? You are in luck!

Data from the United States show that approximately 172.24 Million Americans use perfumes and fragrances. Additionally, 92 percent reported that they use perfumes every day, while 41% do it daily.

This write-up is dedicated to reviewing Mjharrisathome Reviews. Let’s get started by reviewing We will verify its legitimacy.

What is MJ Harris at home?

Since its inception, it has sold many candles and attracted a wide audience. Malcolm, or MJ, is a well-known entrepreneur and the founder of the site, which Oprah USA today promotes.

MJ and Macro promote their business through social media platforms such as Face book and Twitter. These platforms have attracted many audience members worldwide.

Let’s discuss some checkpoints that can be used to determine the authenticity of this site, as well as the fact that Mjharrisathome is legit.

Specifications of this Website

  • The site sells fragrances including Palm Springs, Malibu candles, and others.
  • The domain of this website was created on 27-10-2021. It will be deleted on 27-10-2021.
  • The URL to access the site is
  • Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding the contact number. However, over Face book and the homepage, the email is mentioned as [email protected].
  • The office address is MJ Harris, at Home, 4817 North 56th #49 Lincoln (NE 68504, United States).
  • Shop Pay is the preferred mode of payment.
  • You should return products within 30 days of purchase, considering the Mjharrisathome reviews.
  • You will find social media icons such as Instagram, Twitter and Face book on the web.
  • You can get a refund on this website. But, there is no indication of a tentative date.
  • Shipping is dependent on the user’s location. However, shipping costs cannot be refunded.

What do you think is the benefit of this site’s existence?

  • They sell many fragrant candles, including Beverly Hills’ candles.
  • You can also find an email address or office address on the website.
  • You can find social media icons like Twitter and Facebook, which help you detect Is Mjharrisathome Legal?
  • The website includes detailed information regarding the return policy
  • You can leave reviews for products on Facebook and Instagram.

What are the flaws in the portal’s design?

  • The Trust rank for this website is low at 22.4/100. It also has a trust score below 5%, which could raise suspicion.
  • Trust pilot doesn’t include reviews from customers.
  • There is no contact number for this site.
  • You will not find any details about shipping or refund policies on this site.

Is Mjharrisathome a scam or real?

We’ve done extensive research on the site to discover the truth.

  • Owner’s information – Information that is specific to the owner.
  • Trust score, rank- This site has a low rank and trust score.
  • Reviews- Over Facebook, customers’ positive feedback is available. However, Trust pilot does not have such critiques.
  • Domain age – Domain is 11 Months old, since it was created on 27-10-202020.
  • Social media icons – There are icons of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • All policies included – Some information is missing, but all policies are included.

Buyers’ Mjharrisathome reviews

The reviews of different buyers are available over Facebook, Instagram but are absent on the Trust pilot. A few of them said the candles’ qualities are amazing and the fragrance lasts a long time. Some even commented that they prefer the Malibu scent because the candles’ design is amazing.

However, buyers may be skeptical if the site doesn’t contain vital information such as a contact number.

The Final Words

This article reviews We also consider customer reviews. Mjharrisathome Reviews revealed that the site sells candles.

The trust rank and score are extremely low so it can lead to mistrustful activities. Positive comments are more likely to be found on social media icons. So, while we have collected both positive as well as negative reviews, please make sure to thoroughly research items before purchasing them.

What do YOU think about this site? Leave a comment below.