Ever felt like you have nothing to wear, even as you stand in front of a closet overflowing with clothes? You are certainly not alone — this feeling is all too common among women.

There’s a wide variety of reasons for this, from shopping at the wrong stores and wearing mismatched colours together to misusing accessories and details. Whichever the case may be, these could leave you with a lot more clothes, shoes, and accessories in your possession than you actually wear. But you can avoid these mistakes if you buy dresses online because you can easily discover and compare your choices with varieties of other collections. So, it would become easy to make smart decisions. 

To solve this issue, you need to learn how to mix and match fashion pieces perfectly. And to do that, you must know these six best styling tips of all time:

  1. Keep a specific look in mind while shopping.

If you find yourself with nothing to wear even as you worry about the lack of available space in your closet, it’s about time to reconsider how you shop.

You need to stop buying at random and start thinking about whether you can actually wear a piece you’re eyeing. Make sure you have a complete outfit in mind even before shopping for accessories, shoes, tops, bottoms, and designer dresses in Dubai.

Don’t buy clothes just because you “like them so much.” Instead, ask yourself if you already have something that can be worn with that particular item. If you can picture three to four different things that go perfectly with it, go ahead and make the purchase.

  1. Pick the right stores.

What you wear reflects who you are. This means your outfits should match your status, age, and even your body’s unique features.

To make sure this happens, you must choose where you shop wisely.

If you’re around 20 years old, light dresses that aren’t too expensive can complement your fresh look best. Since your body is still changing, you might want to steer clear of costly brands as you may need to change sizes soon after.

Once you reach the mid-30s, it’s time to consider high-end brands, as they often come with sturdier materials and offer designs and cuts that suit your more mature figure. These brands can also help you look more elegant and classy.

To make the right decision, set aside time to analyse the stores at the Dubai Festival City Mall, independent shops, and online fashion platforms. List down brands that caught your attention and study their designs and target audience.

From there, choose around six to seven brands that offer clothing and other pieces that suit you best.

  1. Explore not-so-basic neutrals.

Neutrals are the safest colour choices when it comes to styling. However, not many people know that white, brown, beige, grey, black, and olive green aren’t the only ones that can be considered neutrals.

Metallics such as silver and gold also fall into this category.

So, if you want to add a more exciting twist to your neutral outfits, consider wearing a silver or gold top or dress. Match it with another piece in a bold colour that pops, and you have yourself a fool-proof statement outfit.

  1. Find your signature look.

Matching fashion pieces is much easier when you have a signature look, which basically serves as your “template” in styling.

Having a signature style makes deciding what to wear every day so much easier. This also removes the guesswork when you shop for a new outfit.

Here’s how you can find your signature look:

  • Browse your wardrobe and list down your favourite pieces. You can write down 10 items or less, depending on your preferences.
  • Go through the list and select a handful that you love most.
  • Consider items that you’ve worn multiple times and not just those that you think look great on you. If they are worn out, it means you’ve used those pieces more frequently in the past.
  • Buy clothes with characteristics similar to those of your favourites. Factor in what you love about them – their colour, material, cut, or style – and use that as a guide when you go shopping.

Colour is a vital consideration when creating a signature look, too, so you need to decide on a personal colour palette. Stick to it as much as possible. This way, you cannot go wrong when mixing and matching different pieces for a whole new look.

When creating your colour palette, make sure you pick hues that enhance your appearance without washing out your skin tone. See how they go with your eye colour as well.

Of course, you can always wear a colour that makes you feel great. Just don’t forget to find the right shade that reflects how you feel when you wear that hue.

  1. Learn how to use the colour wheel.

Speaking of colours, the colour wheel can provide much-needed guidance when mixing and matching your clothes. After all, you can’t possibly wear the same hues over and over again and not get tired of it.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a colour wheel is a circular diagram showing how different colours are related. Fashion designers, artists, and other professionals in creative industries use this as a tool to develop colour schemes to produce the desired artistic effect.

When using the colour wheel, the most basic idea would be to match analogous colours (hues sitting side by side in the wheel) and complementary colours (those opposite each other). However, there are other fool-proof ways to use this in fashion, like:

Matching neutral colours together

Neutrals serve as excellent base colours, especially when working with brighter hues. However, they also work great together (neutral with neutral).

Try pairing black, brown, white, and navy blue pieces. Even those black pants could work well with your favourite brown shoes.

Considering denim as a neutral hue

While it may come in different shades, denim can be considered a neutral colour. You can mix and match it with any other colour – even blue – and still look fashionable.

A denim-with-denim matching works, too. The key is to pick shades that are close enough to complement each other but not to the point that it would result in a corny match.

Here are some examples:

  • Light-wash denim top with mid-wash jeans
  • Mid-wash denim jacket with dark-wash jeans
  1. Don’t be afraid to try on new things.

While it’s great to have that one go-to look, you mustn’t fear exploring other styles. After all, fashion trends are the results of endless experimentation on the part of the designers.

Coming up with stylish ensembles takes practice, so don’t be afraid to try out new things.

Take pictures instead of looking at the piece using a full-length mirror to assess whether an ensemble works. This way, you can get a closer look at the outfit from a third-party perspective, minus the self-criticism.

Remember that the best styles can come out of the most unexpected pairings. Practice artistic problem solving and look at every ensemble with a fresh perspective through a new lens.

Mix and Match Outfits Perfectly

Although it may seem daunting, mixing and matching outfits doesn’t necessarily need to be a hard task. With the right attitude and some insider tips, you can do it perfectly and flawlessly.