In your attic, have you found anything valuable? Do you want to get rid of the kids’ old toys? Interested in flogging your car? It is high time to buy ebay account and start selling thing via it to earn money with the products that are no more in use for you. The eBay marketplace is a great place to sell anything. An international customer base, handy features, and ease of use make it a great choice.

Selling on eBay, however, isn’t quite as straightforward as you might think. Before blindly listing your product, you need to consider many important aspects to make the most money. Avoiding some mistakes will help you make more money out of it.

Here are some eBay mistakes you should avoid to help you out.

Focus on description you give for the products

The description should cover everything. Don’t write long paragraphs, but include as much detail as possible. All the features, the size, the material, and how washable, durable, and useful it is should be described. Tell the buyer how quickly it can be sent. Include if it is brand new and unused. If there are any flaws, describe them. It is more likely that you won’t get burdened with returns if you are honest.

Ensure you have reasonable price for the products

Find out what other people are charging for items similar to yours by doing some research. See what profit they are making after fees are deducted. What are your chances of competing? Don’t lose money on your sales. Sit on the products for a while. Overall, piping into other seller’s windows will help you to find more and specific price.

Focus on the hidden charges 

Add everything you need to charge to the asking price if it’s a ‘Buy it Now’ product, or to the reserve if it is an auction. You should include petrol, packaging, parking, handling, etc., in the asking price instead of the postage. Excessive postage will discourage buyers. Be sure to calculate eBay’s commission fees and PayPal’s fees if you are selling through eBay.

There should be proper and fast shipping 

There have just been changes to Royal Mail’s pricing strategy, which will affect you if you sell clothes, soft toys or textiles. Compare prices. There are some great deals you can get from private delivery companies. The company is very keen on ‘free shipping’, which is not free for anyone. eBay isn’t kidding anyone about this, as you still have to pay postage, which you will recoup from your buyer. That money must be earned somewhere. Don’t forget that eBay will also take a final valuation fee if you are offering shipping and hiding the price within the product’s cost.

Provide your buyers with a variety of options after doing some research. Buyers will get fed up and will shop elsewhere if you add on loads of costs. Last but not least, specify when you will ship.

Work on the policies and procedures

Having clear, transparent terms and conditions is one thing, but being dictatorial is another. You don’t need to say ‘All non-paying buyers will be reported!’ because that will sound like you are being petulant. You may need to hire a dalek to exterminate non-payers, but you’re a grown-up and a professional, so let’s take that as read. A little common courtesy goes a long way when you’re running a business.

Unfortunately, you cannot say that you do not accept returns or that you do not accept responsibility for lost or damaged goods. There is no legal recourse if something gets lost or damaged in the mail. The buyer is legally entitled to receive the goods described.

Ignorance is not bliss for success 

Answer any questions you are asked promptly and honestly. Leaving a potential buyer in the lurch is never a good idea. Regardless of how rude or blunt the buyer seems, answer politely.

Try to avoid misspellings

Incorrectly spelt titles will not be found in a search. It is also a bad sign for the SEO factors as well. A dining table that just appeared on a listing. Whatever you do, spellcheck! It may or may not have something to do with dining tables.

The last thoughts 

Thus, the blog might have educated you on the mandatory things to be avoided when you are using the eBay to sell things. If you are new to the platform, look for the ebay account for sale and buy the right one.