If you are arrested in the State of Missouri on account of Driving Under Intoxication, things will indeed go on to become difficult for you. Let us inform you of this.

This is because there are two separate sections of Missouri Government laws that govern the arrest and revocation of the driving privilege.

They include the Criminal Laws and Administrative Laws. Other than this, there are also other complexities involved with this.

Suppose you want to get more on this. In that case, you could consult lawyers to know what is the legal alcohol limit in Missouri.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different laws and penalties that are associated with Drunken Driving prevailing in the state of Missouri.

The Laws That Govern

There are two separate sections, so far as the Missouri laws and their acting is concerned. They comprise the Criminal laws and Administrative laws.

Criminal Law

Suppose you get involved in a criminal offense, and a ticket is issued to you. In this case, the court sends a copy of the conviction to the concerned departments.

On that report, every point or grounds for arrest is provided categorically. Consequently, your driving license may be suspended.

Administrative Laws 

Administrative Laws will govern you when it is found that your blood alcohol content far exceeds the limits.

If you thoroughly deny or refuel the BAC test(s), the laws might also charge you. This is called automatic suspension or revocation. 

Missouri Implied Consent Laws

One thing that separates the laws of Missouri from other states is that if you are coughing on the highways with Alcohol consumption beyond limits, you will be arrested for sure. And when you are arrested, prepare yourself for taking tests on Blood, Saliva, urine, and or breath. It’s mandatory when you are arrested.

Now, if you try to avoid testing, your license will be revoked and suspended. A six-month IID requirement also follows this. 

If you are arrested on account of Alcohol consumption, and if the range of Blood Alcohol content is .08% higher, you will surely be under the blanket of Administration.

The administration sanctions that you will face follow the legal framework of Section 302.500 through 302.540, RAMO. 

The office that arrests you sends valuation information to the Department of Revenue, and this involves the following:

  1. Alcohol Influence Report.
  2. A Missouri Uniform Complaint.
  3. Suspension Notice of Driving Right (Form 2385)
  4. Missouri Driving License is secured. 

So the intricacies are high. Don’t waste more time on thinking quickly and hire an experienced DWI lawyer.

A DWI lawyer has the knowledge and experience to get your punishment reduced. So make sure you are doing it right here. The lawyer will be able to give you a thorough understanding of the legal alcohol limit in missouri.

Missouri DWI Penalties

 The penalties that are set against the convicts are framed against different circumstances. But one thing is sure, the range of penalties depends on how many prior convictions the offender experienced. The severity and intensity of the DWI are also considered. 

If you are convicted for the first time, it is considered the 1st offense. In that case, you might be jailed for a maximum of 6 months, depending completely on the severity of the offense. You might also be charged with a fine of up to $1000.

You will be stripped- off from driving on the highways for 30 to 60 days. 

For the 2nd offense, you can be Jailed up to 1 year and fined around $2000. That’s hard for you. Your license will be canceled for one year. Consider how painful it is.

For the third time, you will be jailed up to 4 years. Along with jail, you have to pay a massive $10000. Try to feel the pain of a ten consecutive year revocation.

Therefore the penalties are extremely specific. You need to be particular regarding the legal alcohol limit in missouri. So be cautious with your levels of alcohol while you hit the highways.


There are legal complexities that you are going to face while fighting a case. These laws and regulations create awareness for you.

If you are knowledgeable enough, you can pre-plan your defense mechanism. So make sure that you have enough knowledge of the Laws and Penalties.