Do you remember being scammed? Are you familiar with the Evri Missed Delivery Scam? The full article is worth reading if you have not. The majority of people nowadays prefer shopping online to traditional retail. This opens new doors for scammers.

Evri users were recently exposed to scam text in the United Kingdom. The scam text looks so genuine that many users click it. Follow the Missed Evri article for more details.

What’s the scam text everyone got?

A group scammers sent a fake text in the Evri. In the scam text it stated that Evri had not received your shipment. Please click on this link to reschedule. The scam was not easily identified by many. Many Evri customers fall for this con. This scammer sent the text from a phishing website. We value our readers and request that you all avoid scam texts.

What was the motivation for the Delivery Eri Missed text

The common thread behind all of these types scam texts is the motif. They are simply looking to steal financial and personal information. The scammers claimed that users would receive a present if they clicked the fake link. The link is fake in fact. It is a trap.

Scammers will access your financial and personal information if you click the link. So it is up to you to choose whether to click the link, risk your information and ignore the Misplaced Evri scam message. The second option seems better to us.

What will you do if the scam text is clicked on?

This fake link may contain malware, viruses, spyware, and other harmful software. These links are extremely harmful to any device. These spoofing hyperlinks can easily hack any device and also cause the device to become unusable.

Scammers can access all of your financial data and personal data whenever they like. After stealing your data, the scammers can use it to commit a horrific crime. You are then held responsible.

How to Protect Ourself from the Delivery Fraud Text?

These scams cannot be prevented by anyone except you. Yes, you’re right. The only person who can protect yourself from this scam is YOU. If you get this fake link or false text, ignore it. You can also refuse to send the message or block its sender. Other similar texts can be sent to you. However, it is entirely in your hands if you click on it or ignore it.


All readers are requested to ignore these false links and texts. Also, please share these scams with others. Inform them to refer to the Missed Evri Article.