Are you aware of who took home the Miss Hawaii 2022 title? The pageant is held every year and women from various regions of the United States participate and compete against each other to win a crown, prizes and other luxuries.

who are Miss Hawaii 2022 USA? Most of you be aware of it, but certain readers are not aware of the pageant. This article will give all the information about the pageant. The information will include the contestants as well as hosts of the show.

What time is Miss Hawaii 2022 organized?

Two Competitions Miss Hawaii USA and Miss Hawaii Teen 2022, were held on Saturday 19 February 2022. The event was held successfully at the Hawaii Convention Center. The complete episode was telecast across various platforms. A lot of you have seen the show, however there are some who may have missed the event. If you’re not aware about the person who won, you can take a look at the next section.

What is Miss Hawaii 2022 USA ?

Kiana Yamat was the winner to Miss Hawaii 2022. She was born in Honolulu, Waikiki. Aside from that she has also resided in different regions such as Oahu. She completed her education at Oahu’s University of Hawaii and has an older sister. She was Field Engineer of Hensel Phelps from 2016 to 2017. She’s twenty-seven and has defeated 21 candidates and has her name engraved upon the crown. At present, she doesn’t have a lot of followers on social media sites such as Instagram and isn’t an official user, however it seems that she’s very active on Instagram since she uploads photos on the platform.

Additionally, we have also shared information about the Hosts and Judges for Miss Hawaii 2022 USA.

Judges and hosts of the show

It is hosted by Khon2 Weather Anchor Justin Cruz, and the former Miss Hawaii, Samantha Neyland. In addition the judges featured in their website include Albert Soliz, Raiatea Helm, Matt Sato, and Will Henderson. They are all famous celebrities of the show.

Contestants for Miss Hawaii 2022

This page will provide a list of all the contestants from Miss Hawaii 2022. If you have any information about the contestants those who competed in the contest this is the information you need. 22 women are competing for the title. However, only one woman will take the crown. There were four runners-up as well as the winner was Miss Hawaii 2022 USA. This is the complete list of contestants.

  • Natalya Ealy
  • Priscilla Wang
  • Kiana Yamat
  • RachaelBorreta
  • Megan Ann Souza
  • Zoey Kaneakua
  • CaylynVillatoro
  • Guinevere Davenport
  • Skylar Pierce-Smith
  • Vanessa Secoski
  • Ashlyn Pierceall
  • VaihinateaNapa’a
  • Tatianna Cheong
  • Kristi Van Diver
  • Cayla Kaimana for Ever Moore
  • Kayli Obrero
  • Kiani Souza
  • KeileyKaleolani Alvaro
  • Kawena Janessa Kan-Hai
  • Lina Ra’edKiessieh
  • MelemDemel
  • Ronelle Valera

Allison Chu, former Miss Hawaii 2021, was crowned her replacement Kiana Yamat (Miss Hawaii 2022)


In closing the article We have informed you about the contestants and the contestant. This article contains information about the judges and hosts for Miss Hawaii 2022 USA. If you not seen the show You can find all the information here.