Mental health is an ongoing issue in the current time. It requires the same level of attention and treatment just like physical ailments. With this in mind, many websites are accessible online that offer assistance for self-help programs in the United States.

In this post, we’ll discuss a specific website that is gaining popularity for its self-help support to people. But, before using any website it is essential to make sure it is authentic and not a fake.

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What is The Website About?

Before we begin to verify the authenticity of the website Let us go over what exactly it does? According to research the website helps for a quarter, that’s 15 minutes every day to address different mental disorders like exhaustion, stress depression, anxiety or fatigue.

The website is a way to ask you with questions that aid in identifying solutions to the various problems you face. In the coming weeks we will go into more on the features of and verify the authenticity of the website.

More Details About The Website and Its Services

  • It is intended to allow people 15 minutes of each quarter hour of a session every day.
  • These are created by medical professionals after an in-depth study.
  • The website is accessible 24/7 all week. Therefore, you don’t need to make appointments.
  • It is accessible at any time and from any place you like, at your convenience
  • The available videos include exercises. Theoretical reflections, graphics and much more.
  • Sessions are offered for one month. Users can however choose to have longer sessions as well.

Mis15minutos com – Know More Details

A website that is being talked about across the United States provides users with a total of 15 minutes per day for a whole month. In this website, you can cope problems like anxiety, stress, etc.

Use the information below to determine whether the website is legitimate or a fraud.

  • Credibility ScoreThe website is a extremely high trust score of 94%.
  • Domain age:It has been created at the 27th of March, 2013 and is due to expire on the 27th of March in 2022.
  • Review by the customer:There there isn’t any user reviews anywhere online.

However, users are able to take the self-help exam by answering a few questions , and then understanding the issue and how to tackle the issue.

There is no appointment necessary for these sessions, and they are developed by doctors based on research.

Final Conclusion

This website has a confidence score, 94%. as well as the website was developed a while ago. It is possible to conclusively say the website is secure based on all aspects. However, thorough research is needed before using the website’s services, because we’ve found no reviews from users.

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