This is the age and height of technology, we can all agree. All of us are now slaves to our devices. Every detail about us is stored in our devices, even personal details. This information can then be shared on different online platforms. Most people feel secure about the information given to these online platforms.

Sometimes, however, the reality does hit us once in a while. Minted Settlement was an example of such an incident that shattered the illusion of online security for citizens in Canada and the United States. Let’s talk about it in the following post.

All About the Incident

Minted Inc. sells stationery and art supplies online. But it’s not limited to selling art and stationery; it also sells home products.

Minted Inc experienced a data breach that resulted in the compromise of personal information for Minted account holders on 6 May 2021. The breach exposed customers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, and passwords. It was then that the Minted Settlementcase began.

The breach was reported to the company by its users on May 28, 2021. However, users lodged complaints against the platform because they failed to take necessary precautions for their safety and delayed in notifying users about data breaches.

Important Dates

These important dates are for those who are involved in this case or wish to follow it.

  • The 16th of September 2021 is the deadline for filing a claim or to receive payment.
  • The individual can opt out of the Minted Settlement case at any time by informing the Notice & Claims Administrator before 16 September 2021. People who wish to comment or object on the claim will have to inform the Notice and Claims Administrator by the same date.
  • People who want to attend the final hearing on settlement approval should appear at the Court on December 2, 2021.
  • Anybody can choose to waive their rights to the settlement money at any time. However, no date has been set. This action will result in the forfeiture of their rights to the money.

The Minted Settlement

According to sources, Minted denied the charges. Court however proposed the California Consumer Privacy Act and settlement money in the amount of $5 million to compensate all Minted users who were affected by the data breach.

Anyone who submitted their details (name, email address etc.) before the 27th June 2020 website deadline can claim the cash.


We can all learn from this and exercise more caution when sharing our personal details online. It shouldn’t be surprising that anyone can access everything we have online. It is important to exercise caution before disclosing any information.

What were your thoughts about Minted Settlement, and how Minted Inc dealt with it? We would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.