This post answers Why is Juul Banned. It also highlights the negative effects of vaping as well as the potential health consequences.

Are you aware of the recent news about e-cigarettes being outlawed in the United States. Are you aware of the reasons for such a drastic move? We’ll tell you the reason why the government banned Juul. Many were concerned about the possibility of underage vapers becoming addicted and causing lung diseases. Juul was sold in many flavours and was very popular among the younger generation. Why is Juul Bannedanswered here

Ban on Products

After the American Health Association stated that e-cigarettes are causing various health problems, the FDA has decided to ban Juul. Since the launch of the product, many people have died as a result of vaping. It was also responsible for the rise in vaping among people. The company was accused of inducing customers to purchase their products. This led to mass vaping addiction.

Why is Juul Being Banned ?

Juul was launched in 2015 and sold approximately 2.2 million devices in its first year. The company held a 75% market share in 2018. The numbers show that the company was able to attract people with its products. Selling flavoured cigarettes proved to be a good investment. The company was sued after people became aware of the dangers involved in vaping. This led to a decline in market share.

Viewpoint of Why is Juul Baned.

The FDA’s decision to ban Juul was met with mixed reactions from the public. The FDA took drastic measures to ban Juul from the market. However, people who are addicted to vaping voted against it. Those who were aware of its harmful effects voted in support. Juul has been sued in thousands in the US. Doctors have attributed vaping to the rise in lung-related diseases. Although Juul is not the only brand that sells vaping cigarettes in the US, it has done more harm to children and others. The FDA intends to Ban Juul E Cigarettes as soon as possible.

You can find the news here. Also, be aware of the dangers associated with vaping.

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Final Verdict

E-cigarettes can be described as a copy of traditional cigarettes, with flavours, but the high nicotine content makes them dangerously unhealthy. Vaping can lead to serious health problems. We recommend that people not become addicted. After the rule is approved, the FDA will inform the public. We have the answer to Why is Juul Baned?

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