There are 4.1 million additional reasons to Australians to be vaccinations against coronavirus. Beginning on Monday this week, this Million Dollar Vax campaign will provide anyone who is fully vaccinated Australia with the opportunity to be entered into a drawing to be the winner of a range of prizes, including more than three thousand daily gift cards that amount to $1,000 , and a jackpot of one million dollars. This is all you need to know about.

What is the Million Dollar Vax?

Million Dollar Vax Million Dollar Vax is a new incentive campaign that aims to give those who have been fully vaccinated Australians with daily prizes. Whereas in other countries, government and other incentives have been used in order to encourage people to be vaccinated, the Million Dollar Vax Alliance’s Craig Winkler stressed that the prize pool was intended to serve as an “reward”.

“(Vaccination is) a decision you should make in consultation with a health professional,” Mr. Winkler co-founded MYOB in an announcement. “The promotion simply seeks to reward people who decide to be vaccinated now rather than waiting, so that we can reduce the community impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

When is the Million Dollar Vax Drawn?

The competition starts on the 4th of October, and there will be 100 daily prizes available through the month of Oct. The prize of $1 million dollars will be awarded on November 5, with all Australians older than 18 who have had their vaccinations completed or who have received both vaccines within six weeks from the draw date and are eligible to participate.

How Do You Enter?

To be eligible to participate in to win the million dollar prize,, you must visit the new website and enter your details. All Australians who are 18 or over are eligible for entry as well as those who have been vaccinated and still eligible to win in the event that both vaccines are completed within six weeks of the 31st of October, 2021.

Who is Donating the Prizes?

The Million Dollar Vax campaign is not an incentive program funded by the government. Instead, the funds are being offered by a number of generous donors. These include The Susan McKinnon Foundation, Jasper Foundation and the P&S Bassat Foundation.

Some have decided to remain anonymous because they want the focus to be “giving back to the community” instead of their contributions. The alliance is described as an “group of philanthropists and corporations with the aim to increase Australian COVID-19 vaccination rates above 80 per cent nationally as quickly as possible in a safe manner”.

Other Vaccination Incentives

The prospect of $1 million be an enormous boost for fully jabbed Australians? It’s not the only incentive for vaccination being given. Here are a few additional incentives that fully-vaccinated Australians can avail of:

Deliveroo and Hungry Jacks Customers will receive free large fries with orders on over the weekend, after their state surpassed the 60 per cent double-jabbed mark.

Qantas frequent flyers over 18 years old can receive a special reward on the Qantas app. It offers a choice from 1000 Qantas points 15, 15 status credits or a 20 percent discount on fares to Qantas and Jetstar.

Qantas’ Mega prize draw has 10 winners receive one year’s worth of airfare accommodations, fuel and accommodation as well as international destinations once the borders are opened.

Telstra: Members who are fully vaccinated of the company’s loyalty programme could earn up to 2500 Telstra Plus Points and be entered into the 100 million-point prize draw.