This week, in Australia The Million Dollar Vax campaign, created in the “Million Dollar Vax Alliance” and backed by the Summer Foundation, aims to boost vaccination rates and provide benefits for all communities as well as protecting the most affected by the COVID-19 virus particularly, the healthcare workers and the elderly care workforce, as well as small and large enterprises, and those living in less privileged socioeconomic situations and those in vulnerable communities. The next few months in the coming months, as Australia is working to meet vaccine targets to loosen interstate and intrastate restrictions, the people most at risk are residents of areas that are regional, such as those where vaccination rates are low as well as older Australians and those who have disabilities. Million Dollar Vax was created to reward people who are or will be vaccinations in the month of October 2021.

In Australia both the States of New South Wales and Victoria have experienced lengthy lockdowns. Victoria are currently in the sixth phase of lockdown. This weekend, the capital city of Victoria, Melbourne, will mark the 250th day of lockdown from the beginning in the course of this pandemic. Melbourne is joining Buenos Aires, Dublin, London and Prague which are all participants in the “200 Club” for days with stay-at-home-orders. Melbourne has now surpassed Buenos Aires (245 days) to become the city that has the most days of lockdowns worldwide. It’s safe to say that Australians are bored, kids would like to go back to school, and businesses are desperate to reopen in a safe manner.

According to estimates from KPMG according to estimates by KPMG, each additional day of lockdown can cost greater than A$370 million each every day for Victoria and NSW in the two states alone. Every day that is locked down can result in more loss of livelihoods and employment opportunities, which includes small-scale business closures, and obviously, has serious emotional and physical effects. Experience from across the globe suggests that achieving the goal of a vaccination rate that is greater than 90% of the population that is adult is the most efficient way for all of us to get back to a normal lifestyle and reducing the risk of any further interruption to business operations, putting the end of lockdowns and eliminating further international or domestic closings of borders.

The Million Dollar Vax campaign is like other campaigns that are being launched globally, which includes both the US in the US and Europe. The total value of the prize for the Promotional lottery is $AUD4,100,000. Participation is open to everyone Australians living in Australia (18yrs plus) who have received the COVID 19 vaccine at the time of the Promotional Period which runs through October 2021. To win the prize, winners of the draw are required to be double-vaccinated on or before the 13th of December in 2021.

Within the US and Europe Lotteries for vaccination are mostly the responsibility of and supported by the government. Certain campaigns have required the collaboration of both government and companies, such as New York, which was the result of a joint effort between corporations Kroger as well as CVS Health in collaboration with the Biden administration.

The Million Dollar Vax campaign in Australia is the brainchild of the Million Dollar Vax Alliance which is an association comprised of Australian corporations and philanthropists. It is a Million Dollar Vax campaign has been established to promote trade in Australia as a national lottery. A lottery for trade promotion involves events or activities where prizes are awarded through any method that incorporates the element of chance at any time. The entry fee must be non-existent or have a low fee. In contrast to other jurisdictions around the world, in Australia lottery games for trade promotion can be regulated only on a state and Territory basis, and the requirements for every jurisdiction differ. It was clear that the Million Dollar Vax initiative was complicated and required a lot of interaction between State as well as Territory regulators to start the COVID-19 national vaccination lottery.