This post summarizes the Millionaire Son in Law Chapter3605 in The Amazing Son in Law novel, Lord Leaf.

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The Amazing Son in Law

Lord Leaf’s web novel, The Amazing Son in Law, is called “The Amazing Son in Law”. The story centers around an orphan man who marries into a middle-class family, and becomes their son in-law. Because of his financial situation, the son-in-law becomes an unimportant member of the family. His new family members humiliate and insult him constantly, while his wife is the only one who loves him.

One day, the man’s destiny will take a turn. Let’s find out what happened and the twist. Let’s first look at Millionaire Son in law Chapter 3605 to see how man’s fate changes one day.

How did the fate of the son-in law turn?

The son-in-law learns that the woman who cared for her in the orphanage has died. Her treatment will require a minimum of 10,000,000.

He visits his in-laws and asks for money from his matriarch to help pay for the treatment of his foster mother. His family laughed at him and ridiculed his request for help. He learns that payment was made when he returns to hospital.

Let’s find out who paid for the treatment in Millionaire Son In Law Chapter 3605 before we get into the details.

The son-in-law discovers that his grandfather paid for treatment when he searches for the source. The son-in law was not an orphan. He comes from a wealthy family. His grandfather evicted his mother and father from their home and the family wealth.

His grandfather now wants him to inherit the wealth and fortune of his family. He agrees to take over the family’s wealth and fortune so that he can receive treatment. He becomes a billionaire and is the CEO of a $100-billion corporation.

About Millionaire Father in Law Chapter 3605

This chapter focuses on the adventures of the son in-law in the Royal Family of Northern Europe. Charlie, the son in law, demands five billion euros from William, the Queen’s grandson, and Olivia, her granddaughter.

Charlie doesn’t intend to accept the money but Olivia will kill him. He wanted to expose the truth. At the end of this chapter, Olivia’s evil intentions are revealed by the Queen and she is confronted.


Although The Amazing Son in Law is a long novel, it is well worth the effort. Leaf hopes to show that wealth does not equal happiness and that there are many other things in life. To read the entire chapter, visit this Web novel .

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