Baton Rouge’s family was shocked when a large sum of money was incorrectly transferred to their bank account.

Darren James stated that his wife called him frantic. She told him to get a seat and then showed him that $50 Billion dollars had been deposited in their bank account.

James stated, “It’s crazy to see how it looks because I have never seen so many zeros in all my life.”

He was shocked to see the amount of money and called his bank in an effort to learn how it got there.

“I was not going to keep it. It was the most puzzling thing about it, that we don’t know where it came. James stated that they don’t know anyone who has this kind of money.”

Although he wasn’t sure how or why, the bank began to reverse the error immediately.

“A hold was placed upon it. It came to our house on Saturday to make a deposit. James stated that the deposit was made on Saturday and it remained there Monday through Tuesday.

To recall the mistake, the family took screenshots of their account.

Within days, their status as billionaires was gone. James promised that he would help others if they ever achieve their billionaire dreams.

James stated, “There’s enough greatness to make it possible for us all to have a life that is truly ours, so even if we had $50 billion, we could bless others.”

It is important to understand that this type of mistake can result in you losing your money. These types of errors are often caught by banks, which can reverse the transaction. These banks can file a police report and launch an investigation. If anything is missing you could be sentenced to jail.