TikTok trends abound, and midsize fashion is among the current trends.

With nearly 525 million TikTok views, midsize fashion has made a big splash in the body acceptance movement by drawing awareness to a size range that is sometimes overlooked. As the need for inclusion of all body types has grown, we’ve seen talks surrounding a new size class emerge into the picture: fashion for ladies who straddle the border between “extended sizes” and “straight sizes.” In other words, it’s for those who are somewhat larger than what society considers “standard” sizing but aren’t exactly plus-size.

What sizes are considered midsize fashion?

There is no fixed definition of what clothing sizes are called midsize, as this is a relatively new concept. However, it is widely understood that anyone who wears a UK size 10 to 18, or a US size 6-14, is called a midsize. If you are too big for straight-sized retailers like Zara but too small for size-inclusive outlets such as Torrid, you’re probably in the midsize category. Having said that, each brand has its own size scheme, and so no two numbers signify the same thing. We all recognize how a small body appears, and most of us know what a plus-size body shape looks like. Furthermore, people who lie between those two groups are frequently overlooked by the fashion industry.

Why the midsize fashion revolution?

Anushka Moore founded Midsize Collective on Instagram in July 2018 with the goal of connecting midsize women who struggle to find representation of their type of body. Since then, this account has amassed over 35,000 followers and has influenced hundreds more content creators.

The phrase “midsize” was coined at the start of a movement and has subsequently been embraced by both celebrities and their followers. It gives women who have hitherto been disregarded by the fashion industry a feeling of power and inclusion.

The word “midsize” has also offered a new forum for women to express their stories, further expanding the conversation around body confidence. The word is largely used on social media, although some fashion magazines have lately tackled the matter as well.

Appreciating the midsize advantage

Have you ever tried on garments in a changing room and discovered that the largest size didn’t really fit? It’s both heart-breaking and infuriating at the same time. Think about shopping Target style or mom style while most outlets do not carry your size. This can be frustrating.

While being midsized has its own set of difficulties, it is also crucial to realize that midsized women still have privilege. Admittedly, we don’t see our type of body reflected in the media very frequently, but we also don’t face the stigma that our plus-size counterparts experience.

Our sisters endure hate just for existing in their bodies. People keep reminding them to lose weight, and some online bullies brand them unhealthy. This doesn’t happen to midsize women. Therefore, it is not always bleak with your midsize. You can walk with your head held high without some bully telling you to reduce your weight. Take advantage of this privilege to appreciate your body and get into the movement for even better body positivity goals.

Final thought

The midsize fashion movement is a great way to appreciate diversity and people who don’t fall into the typical body type categories. While making greater room for women to embrace their bodies is wonderful, it is critical to keep the voices of all those who provided the opportunity in the spotlight. We can accomplish this by learning as much about the background of body acceptance and, most importantly, by promoting content that midsize women create. There is incredible midsize fashion content out here! We also produce other content, including home decor, style, and food and family activities. Visit us at https://sandeebooth.com/ for more content.