Michigan has been a pioneer in fostering a culture based on creative thinking for more than a century now. We cannot deny that this state has the potential to become the next tech hub of North America. 

Apart from the tech, there are many other things that this state is doing right. And, it is due to these extraordinary efforts and moves that the state is able to grow in every field at an inexplicable pace.

Michigan seems like a futuristic state now, and there are multiple examples to support this statement. If you are eager to know why Michigan is doing so well, sit tight because we will discuss just that in the article. 

Let’s get started without further ado.

What is Michigan Doing Right?

It is not an unknown fact that Michigan is the champion of innovation. The state does not impose unnecessary restrictions and lets its citizens flourish, experiment, and innovate. 

Michigan is advancing at an excellent pace when it comes to the automobile industry. Apart from making its name in the automobile sector, here are a few other examples of what else the state is doing right.

Promoting the Entrepreneurs

The high-tech ecosystem in Michigan has a number of assets that are particularly appealing to tech companies and start-ups trying to expand. Hence, due to the apparent huge ecosystem developed by the MEDC and its partners, Michigan is becoming known across the world as a place where entrepreneurs can grow and expand their businesses. 

The state encourages and supports your creative ideas, as well as their research. In fact, Michigan corporations spend $18.8 billion on research and development, which places them fourth in the US.

Pioneering in Mobility Tech

The state of Michigan has long been considered as the automotive industry’s hub, having placed the world on wheels for a very long time. Michigan is home to the headquarters or technical centers of 16 original equipment manufacturers and 60 of the top 100 automotive suppliers.

The state is trying to further the automobile industry’s development. City, a unique urban mobility test facility, and M-Air, a drone testing lab, have been built at the University of Michigan. 

Furthermore, the University of Michigan has started work on the Ford Motor Company Robotics Building, a $75 million, four-story, 140,000 square-foot robotics facility that will open in 2019 and house a wide range of mobility research.

Furthermore, Michigan is drawing on its history to ensure that the next generation of transportation is developed, tested, and implemented in the state. It is evident from the fact that Michigan was one of the first states in the country to approve legislation allowing self-driving cars in 2013.

Michigan Digitization Project

The Michigan Digitization Project is a collaboration with Google Books to digitize the University of Michigan Library’s entire print collection. Users will be able to search and access Library content in new ways as a result of the initiative. The users can find the digitized collection in the catalog of the University of Michigan Library- Marilyn.

This step showed how dedicated the state is to implement the new technologies. It will be foolish to avoid incorporating changes via technology in any field if growth is the aim.

Allowing Online Gambling

Michigan online gambling had been facing issues for a long time, and it was only legalized in December 2021. Governor Gretchen Whitmer deserves credit for signing both legislations, making internet gambling and sports betting legal in Michigan.

Following legalization, a slew of applications and online casinos popped up, making online gambling accessible to the general public. As a result, you will be able to safe and legal gambling sites in Michigan.

You must be wondering how allowing online gambling is going to help the growth of the state, right? Well, it is expected that the introduction of authorized internet gambling could assist in compensating for ongoing tax losses. As a result, the government will have more revenue which it can direct towards the growth and development of the state.

Introduction of Driverless Corridor

The state of Michigan and Avenue have teamed up to investigate the possibility of constructing a 40-mile autonomous route connecting Detroit and Ann Arbor. Avenue was developed by Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. 

The line would run along Michigan Avenue and I-94, connecting to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Central Station, and the University of Michigan.

It’s worth noting that Ford, Toyota, Honda, BMW, and self-driving business Waymo will all contribute to the development of the self-driving car highway.

It is quite a futuristic step by the state, and it also shows how welcoming it is for new prospects of development.

Nurturing Talented Minds

For years, Michigan has attracted a large number of highly trained workers. The state knows how to keep talented minds and does everything possible to nurture them. 

As a result, the state has the largest number of engineers in the country and has a proficient trades workforce that ranks in the top ten on a national scale. Moreover, the state is training the high-tech, high-skills talent needed for future professions.

Future of Michigan

Michigan is playing really smart and knows a way around all the industries. The state is focusing on all the aspects that contribute to the growth at the same time.

It cannot be denied that the state has been one of the leading automobile manufacturers, and now that it is focusing on futuristic projects like a self-driving roadway, the future ahead is definitely great.

Moreover, as you now know, the state has been working really hard to keep talented minds, and it can change its status from automobile expert to overall tech expert soon.

Summing Up

Michigan is a state that knows no limits when it comes to technological advancements. The state has been working persistently towards a brighter future while incorporating changes with the help of technology. 

The growing number of opportunities and the state’s methods of perfectly managing and nurturing the talents is helping and will continue to support the state’s growth!