The article will provide information the story of Michelle Hord Husband. The article will provide details on her daughter’s death.

Have you heard that a 7-year-old girl died at the hands of her dad? Michelle Hord is the former producer of the “Good Morning America” show on ABC Channel, shared the tragic story of a devastating loss in her life. People from different countries such as Australia, the United States,the United KingdomCanada as well as Australia are eager to know more about the husband of Michelle Hord.

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About Neil White

Michelle Hord was a former producer on Good Morning America. Her ex-husband , Neil White killed their daughter , ‘Gabrielle within a few hours of their divorce. Neil Hord was 50 years old at the time he killed his daughter. He was sentenced for twenty-five years in prison.

Michelle has shared her story about her daughter’s death in a memoir. Michelle Hord wrote how her ex-husband murdered their daughter of seven years. Neil put Gabrielle under the mattress in her room, causing her dead. According to the reports, Gabrielle had asthma. Neil Hord and Neil Hord were married in the year 2017.

Michelle Hord Net Worth

Michelle Hord is the CEO of Gabrielle’s Wings, a non-profit organization. Michelle’s net worth Michelle at the time of her death was $500,000.She is also an ardent advocate for hope, equality and children. Hord has published books and articles. Her most recent book came out 15 March 2022. It’s a memoir about her previous life with her daughter.

Why did Neil kill Gabrielle?

Michelle Hord and Neil got married in the year 2007. After ten years of union, the couple was divorced. Neil killed her daughter who was with they shared a variety of goals. When they probed the scene, it was discovered the fact that Michelle Hord Daughter Murdered by Father in order to be a scapegoat for her husband, Michelle Hord, for divorce.

In the night of the murder, Hord got a call from her mother-in-law. She went into the room and asked God to grant him the strength to face the events that transpired in the room. Michelle has written about the experience in her most recent book, which was released on the 15th of March, 2022.

The real name isn’t included in the story because According to Hord the character, she has passed away for her. The woman is still in contact with Neil’s mother. They together they attend church services.

Michelle Hord Ex Husband

Michelle Hord is still not over the loss of her daughter. Neil White was the ex-husband of Michelle. After several times following the murder of her daughter Hord discovered that Michelle’s daughter had been suffocated. Two years later, Neil discovered to have been her person responsible for her murder in her blood.

The incident was more than the worst nightmare she’s ever had within her own life. Michelle Hord is currently active on her social media accounts and is a popular Instagram user with thousands of followers. She has seven hundred thousand on Instagram and 700 people on Facebook.


The article is about the husband of Hord and explains the reason Michelle Hord Husband murdered his daughter. Hord was well-known for her television show on ABC. She recently published her memoir. She also shared the details through an interview. The girl was killed because she filed for divorce. Follow this link for more information on Michelle .

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