Michele Cathy Smith was best known as Lorenzo Lamas’ former spouse and mother to former Bachelor contestant Shayne Lamas; upon hearing of Michele’s passing at just 60, her death sent shockwaves through her family – particularly Shayne who posted an emotional note online following her mother’s funeral service. Her death caused deep distress to those closest to her including Shayne who expressed their sorrow through social media post expressing how deeply their lives will change as a result.

Shayne Lamas Shares Her Heartbreaking Plea

Shayne Lamas, aged 32, is grieving the loss of her mother Michele Lamas in an Instagram post she made that reveals the depth of her sorrow by saying, ‘Mommy, please lessen the sorrow of losing you for me.” Shayne and Michele held close a unique connection and her absence has created an enormous void in Shayne’s life since Michele passed.

Exploring Life and Loss Intersection

Michele Cathy Smith died coincidently with Lorenzo Lamas’ 60th birthday – adding yet another layer to their shared history, particularly that shared by their two sons Shayne and AJ. This tragic coincidence highlights just how intricate life can be between loved ones, even after divorce or separation.

Michele Lamas and Lorenzo Lamas Have Been Living Together For Over A Decade. Here Is Their Relationship History

Michele and Lorenzo’s relationship was part of an overall pattern in Lorenzo’s life that included multiple marriages; Michele was among his five wives with their brief union lasting only two years before Lorenzo tied the knot again with Shawna Craig in May 2011. According to sources close to his family, Lorenzo may or may not have made arrangements to divorce Shawna Craig as soon as May 2011 came around, which sources close to Lorenzo mentioned being troubled as well.

Michele Cathy Smith died under mysterious circumstances; it remains to be ascertained the exact reason.

At present, Michele Cathy Smith’s cause of death remains undetermined as the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner has yet to determine it and await toxicology test results for evaluation. This uncertainty only compounded their grief at her sudden and unexpected departure.

Family Anticipations of Closure

As they mourn Michele’s unexpected demise, her family, including Shayne Lamas and brother AJ await results of the coroner’s investigation. According to reports by the coroner’s office, her remains have yet to be collected by family as an indication that processing this unexpected loss continues apace.

Remembering Her as Mother and Ex-Wife

Michele Cathy Smith will always be remembered fondly by those she knew for being Lorenzo Lamas’ former flame; but, her legacy extends far beyond this relationship and continues to resonate within family, friends, and those privileged enough to know her well. Memories shared will remain testaments of Michele’s existence for future generations to enjoy and commemorate her memory.

Coping With Loss

Shayne Lamas’ mother’s death has not just been headline news but rather is deeply personal and profoundly felt. While her public expression of sorrow demonstrates its universal nature, Lamas’ journey reminds us all of life’s fragility as she faces its sorrow with dignity and strength.

The Family’s Path to Healing

As the Lamas family grieves their loss, healing and remembering are key. Mourning Michele will take time, support and resilience from family members alike in coming to terms with this crushing blow.

Michele Cathy Smith left behind an irreparable gap in her family life and Shayne Lamas has felt this profound loss greatly. While they await further information regarding her cause of death, their grief serves as a poignant reminder of life’s unpredictable nature and to cherish every moment with loved ones while creating lasting memories that continue to impact and motivate their memories of Michele as they heal together as one family unit. Michele will live on in them all as their healing process takes effect and move on forward without her.