Are you someone who loves music? Do you live near the music industry? Woodstock, a legendary music festival, is something you might have heard of. It holds many emotions for those who lived there in the 1960s. It was extremely popular in the United Kingdom. In the United States however, we will be focusing on a mythical person. Michael Lang Woodstock Net Worth 2022

Man who created Woodstock festival

Woodstock festival’s creators and their festival are both trending on the internet thanks to the Netflix’s “Trainwreck: Woodstock’99” documentary. Yesterday saw the release of the documentary’s first episode. It brought back memories from Woodstock. So people began looking for the creators.

Michael Lang is co-creator the Woodstock festival. It was founded in 1969. According to celebrity reports his net worth stands at $10 million. He was also a music production producer. Because of his passion for music and hard work, he earned a lot.

Michael Lang Causes Of Death

The legendary music producer lost his former life on January 8. He was 77. He was admitted to Sloan Kettering Hospital New York. Medical science was unable help him, as he had a rare illness called “nonHodgkins’s lymphoma”.

This disease targets the lymph system. The lymph system works as an immune defense system against germs. The abnormal growth of white cells in our bodies can cause tumour growth. Non-Hodgkins’ Lymphoma is a type of cancer.

Michael Lang Woodstock Festival occurred on a remote dairy farmer in Bethel. It was Michel Jang, Artie Cornwall, and the investors who came up with the idea. The festival was held from August 15-18, 1969. Nearly half a billion people attended the festival. Tickets could be purchased for $7 per day, $13 for 2 days or 18 for 3 days. Woodstock festival featured musicians like Nah, Jimi and Jefferson. This festival was a big success. Traffic jammed the roads so artists arrived via helicopters.

Creator with peace

How Did Michael Lang Die? He died from the rare form lymphoma. He was born 12/12/1944. He was not just a co-creator, but also a promoter, concert producer, and film production producer. He was also nominated to the Emmy Awards for his Woodstock festival work. He was nominated within the “news/documentary category.”


Michael Lang produced and coproduced the Woodstock Festival, which was held again in 1994 and 1999. Michael Lang was an excellent environmentalist, as well as the Creator and producer.

Michael Lang woodstock net worth 2022 is high thanks to his hard work as well as his honesty about his job. Michael Lang was an individual with a great vision and he realized it.

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