As your business grows, office space seems to squeeze. Such shrinking space can make organization difficult and also hamper regular operation. This is where mezzanine floors construction in Australia comes to your rescue. The purpose of these office floors is to create more space within the same diameter of the premises.

With mezzanine offices, you can easily expand your space without relocating your business or spend a fortune on conventional extensions. All you need is enough vertical space to accommodate a mezzanine office that is constructed as an additional floor. These floors are made of robust steel structure with access and decking features within the existing building. Here are some pointers that bring to light, benefits of mezzanine offices.

  • Understanding office mezzanine floors

Mezzanine offices are a modern structural concept for workplaces that are extensively customized according to the occupant’s requirements. Unlike conventional office buildings that had built-in offices which might be inadequate for the prospective occupant, these are highly flexible.

Due to their cost-effectiveness, these offices are considered the ultimate solution for working space issues. These are increasingly becoming a staple for many industries such as warehouses, commercial services buildings, manufacturing units, and retail stores.

  • Size flexibility

Mezzanine office floors are super-flexible in size. You can have them constructed as small as to accommodate one workstation or as large as to host multiple departments. The size is often determined by the space already available and your unique needs. If the vertical space permits, you can also have multiple mezzanine floors one over the other.

  • Flooring choices

Mezzanine floors need robust structure and initial decking. Once you have these two things rightly in place, you can explore various options for flooring. From tiles to vinyl and carpet, any type of flooring can be incorporated. You can also choose from different colors and shades so that the new structure is in sync with your original office theme.

  • Partitions to create multiple spaces

Just like regular offices, mezzanine offices can also be used for multiple purposes. You can separate different departments or facilities by placing appropriate partitioning. Partitioning is available in a wide range based on material and function.

For instance, you can have rigid or mobile partitions in steel, aluminum, composite. Before placing the partitions, you need to plan a complete layout of the office-based number of rooms and the capacity you need. Some common areas created using partitions are:

  • Separate offices
  • Board or meeting rooms
  • Kitchen and pantry
  • Front desk
  • Storage space
  • Communal and recreation area
  • Safety options

Just like every construction project, building a mezzanine office floor also includes adhering to some safety regulations. These regulations are focused on ensuring the safety of people who will be working in the office. Commonly following three types of safety rules and practices are defined.

  • Fire safety

Fire safety regulations focus on rapid and easy evacuation in emergency cases. While constructing a mezzanine you must ensure that such emergency exits are easily accessible.

  • Usage Safety

This is related to the safety of people during daily operations. For instance, install firm edge protection or handrails for the staircase.

  • Structural safety

Structural safety simply means that the entire mezzanine office must be supported by a robust frame and there is no risk of collapse.