Guest posting is the way of writing blogs on someone else’s website. It highly increases the Search Engine Optimisation of any website. You will be able to drive a huge amount of traffic through guest posting. But the guest post must be returned in high quality and error-free form.

A guest post must be written by following all the guest posting guidelines. It must meet the standards of the owner’s website. When you write a guest post with all the steps suggested then it may boost your reputation and extend the reach of your brand to the audience. This is because a well-written guest post can lead to more publishing opportunities and it is the first step for getting your posts featured in various magazines, news, or other publications.

Many reasons attract bloggers to do guest posting. Some of them are as follows:

  • The writers who do not have own blog and want to publish their content, publish it via a guest post on others website or blog.
  • Some people do post about their brand products to let the people know about their business.
  • Some people also write for earning. This is because some websites also pay for guest posting. Many websites pay for a good guest post that goes above 1000 search views.

How to Write a Guest Post?

It is very simple and easy to write a guest post on any website. The key feature of all your posts is the content. If you have quality content for sharing on other blogs, Guest posting services you can write a good post. This will help you in gaining huge traffic and awareness of your brand. A complete guide for writing a guest post is as follows:

Guest Post Title:

The guest post title is the heading that will appear at the top of the post.  It can be a word, a phrase, or a question. The perfect way for writing a title is the phrase. It will exactly be the keyword for your post. The title is the primary thing to introduce your blog post and promote to others.

Category for the Guest Post:

Choose a category according to the content for the guest post. If you are not able to find any suitable category, then simply select guest posts. When your post is published it will appear in the category of guest posts. 


Email is an optional thing to follow. It will help people in contacting you if you provide it. But if you do not enter the email, it will not boost your post. So for increasing the traffic on your post, you may also provide an email address through which people can address you for various guest blogging opportunities.

Content for Guest Post:

Content is the most important and required thing in guest posting. Content should not be very little and preferably more than 300 words. Your suggested keyword should be in the title, heading, and text also. For a medium post, you must write at least 1000 words with a keyword frequency of a minimum of 4 times. For a perfect and high-quality post, your post must be more than 2500 words. In this post, there should be a minimum of 10 times keyword frequency.

Add Image to Your Guest Post:

Images are a visual representation of your brand. It reveals much about the content if they are relevant to the content. The visual representation can reveal more than the written content. So you should choose a perfect image according to the provided content.  Your image should be less than the size 1500X1500 for the fast loading of the page. Heavy images cause a huge loading time. So try to add images of low size but they should be clear and visible. You must add the image that you own or download it from websites with copyrights free images.

Everyone must write a good guest post to get benefits from guest blogging. It helps in various ways to the brand owners, bloggers, and large corporations. You can establish yourself as an authority by sharing your expertise on various companies’ websites. It also helps in building good relations with other leaders in your same field. It also aids in exposing your brand to a new and large audience.