This article will provide detailed information on Meteoric Ore Blade Ring, and where it can be found.

The Elden ring game worldwide players are searching for information about the meteoric ore knife and how to get it. If you’re one of these players, don’t worry; you have reached the right place.

Today we’ll be discussing the Meteoric Ore Blade Ring, and all its features. We’ll also be discussing the location and methods a player can obtain it. Keep your eyes on the prize and read the entire article to learn all you can about the meteoric knife.

Details of The Meteoric Blade

The special katana weapon, the meteoric blade, is found in the game Elden ring. This katana weapon can quickly slash or cause serious damage using ordinary Gravitas skills. This weapon requires intelligence 18, strength 15, dexterity 14, and intelligence 18 stats. Based on the Elden Ring Metaoric Ore blade stats, this weapon is considered an S-tier weapon.

In the very beginning stages of the game, you will find the meteoric blade. This weapon is great for magical and physical attacks, and bases 112 and 72. It also has the second highest base damage. This blade has excellent guarding stats. It has a base of 0f 50 for physical attack and 45 for magical attack. We will learn more about the meteoric blade later in this article.

Where to Find Meteoric Ore-Blade Ring?

We have broken down the steps so it is easy to follow. Follow the instructions below.

  • You first need to go to the shack at Warmaster located north of the storm gates.
  • Then, move to the northeast toward the catacomb of the dead touched.
  • While moving in the direction of the east, cross the bridge.
  • Follow the path through the village of summoning waters.
  • Continue in the northeast direction until you reach the church at Smoldering.
  • Follow the directions until you reach Caelid Waypoint.

The Meteoric Ore Blade Ring can be obtained once you reach the ruins in caelid. Once you reach the ruins, you will need to descend to a basement to defeat the prawn miners. The gate will open and you can unlock the treasure chest to claim your meteoric blade.

The Meteoric Blade

Gravitas is a unique ability of the meteoric blade. You can create a gravity well at the surface by using this ability. This gravity well can draw enemies into the well and deal with high levels of damage within its radius.


This article will discuss the Meteoric Ore Blade Ring. It is a unique weapon in Elden ring. This article should provide enough information to help you understand the blade. Click here to learn more about the Elden ringgame.

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