Do you remember seeing a shooting star? Then you might have seen meteor showers. The Tau Herculids meteor Shower, which is a brand new one, will be observed on Monday 30 May 2022. According to reports, this meteor shower will be visible around 1 AM in the United States.

This post Meteorshower Tonight East Coast will give you information about Tau Herculids and what it is doing. It also explains why it is occurring and where it can be viewed. You can read this post for all details and related news.

Meteor Shower – When and where can we see it?

The Tau Herculids, a meteor shower, could be visible on Monday night, 30 Mai 2022, at East Coast. Comet trail 73p debris will then enter the Earth’s viewable region. The entire incident will be a completely new phenomenon. But When Is The Meteor Shower Tonight On the East Coast, around 1 am is the best time we can see this meteor shower.

How frequently are these meteor showers frequent?

The phenomenon of a meteor shower, according to Astronomical Reports, is very common on Earth. Earth experiences nearly 35 to 40 meteor Showers every year. Shooting comets or stars are also noted daily. It is also the best month to see meteor showers since it observes at least two each year.

Further, we will inform you about the area and time where you can view the shower. We also discuss the doubts among astronomers.

Meteor Shower Tonight East Coast

NASA has already said that the best hour to see the meteor shower is at approximately 1 am East Coast. Therefore, it can only be seen for 30 minutes. Although the shower is possible to see, there are still some doubts. It is important to have a clear sky, dark nights and be away from external lights in order to see the meteor Shower and all of its beauty.

What is an Astronomer’s dilemma?

Astronomers have always been divided on whether they can see the meteor Shower. Some astronomers have stated that Meteor Shower Tonight East Coast will be visible if the debris moves faster than the Earth’s normal speed. The viewing might be difficult if the debris moves at a speed faster than the normal speed to reach Earth.


In conclusion, this post has shared all of the information regarding this meteor shower with our readers. Its origin, the reason it is happening, as well, as the doubts of astronomers about its viewing.