Who wouldn’t want getting to do some incredible digital shopping and get some amazing offers and bargains? Thanks to the internet, it’s become extremely easy for shoppers all over the world to shop online in a online mode with no trouble. Similar options are now accessible to citizens of the United States by the Meta Birkins project.

In this project, customers are given the possibility of purchasing The Meta Birkin bag, i.e., Hermes the iconic bag which you can pick from a variety of designs. Read the complete article to find out more about the idea behind this project is.

What is it? Meta Birkins Project?

The Meta Birkins project is a sequel to baby Birkin. Baby Birkin NFT project. In this case, Mason Rothschild, the artist, will exhibit his first collection at Art Basel of Miami beach in of the United States, beginning on December 02, 2021.

This collection represents a collaboration which the artist has sought along with his friend named Eric Ramirez. Before we get to learn more about the Meta Birkin Bag Let’s look into the details of baby Birkin in the following section.

The Baby Birkin

Baby Birkin NFT The Baby Birkin NFT, as it’s commonly described, was actually an animated character of a newborn who was later shown growing into an Hermes’ Birkin Bag. The animation was made as an attempt to make fun of the handbag which sought to be a part of popular culture.

Are you aware that the bag that was featured in this bag earned an average of $23,500? The dwarf’s bag was sold at the sum of $9500. More than 100 bags were designed by Rothschild who would then be showcased at the exhibition.

Meta Birkin Bag More Facts and Information

As part of the Meta Birkin project, Rothschild has designed over 100 individual Birkin bags made of NFTs that have been simulated with faux fur. They also included an array of modern colours and designs.

The Bag’s Features The Bag

  • It’s stylish and pays homage to Hermes that is one of the most well-known brand names for handbags.
  • The latest collection is believed as being inspired by rapid growth of fur-free fashion campaigns.
  • In this case, it uses and promotes alternative ethical textile methods to communicate the message of the animal-free lifestyle.

Final Conclusive

It is the Meta Birkin Bag is also designed to convey to brands, designers and artists the need that they should explore the use of cruelty-free materials to create beautiful new products. Alongside Birkins some other brands are also taking advantage of the world of digital fashion to increase awareness. Dolce and Gabbana have partnered with designers to make stunning and authentic digital wearables that are sold at a staggering price of $6 million of NFTs.

It’s still to be determined shortly how the Birkin Bags stand out during the Digital Fashion World, and will they be a hit with the customers. We hope that this article provides you with enough information on the Meta Birkin Bag.