People always pay attention to how other people dress up. It touches not only women but men too, and sometimes the perception of each other’s clothes (including all the additional elements like shoes and accessories) can be crucial in forming the first impression and building communication strategies. So what role do man luxury shoes play in forming a stylish look, and how First Boutique can help with finding the perfect options?

Men's style

The general concept of shoes in fashion

Generally, you can barely find a person who would care about his general look and would not think about what should he needs to complete the set. Even the formulation of this example suggests the idea that first of all, people need shoes to complete their looks. The item serves not only a practical purpose but functions as a style-forming element. To say more specifically, shoes have the following features:

  • They serve to protect our feet from damage and to provide comfort – this characteristic is the most obvious of all possible. It is the reason for the criteria of comfort determining some tendencies and demands, but it is not the only one.
  • They help make the style more complete. Only the choice of footwear can define the classic, casual, sport, or street style.
  • Choosing convenient shoes for an event according to the weather, daytime, and location can be a decisive factor in other people’s will to have an affair with a person. It means, this cloth item can serve non-verbal communication goals in some situations.

And the list can be continued depending on which aspect you explore – interaction, self-perception, etc. But there’s a difference between how important women’s and men’s shoes are.

What role do shoes play in men’s style

Mostly, women’s fashion allows for more freedom of choice. Consequently, men’s style rules are more subtle and restricted, particularly when it comes to the finesses of classic and casual dresses. In this regard, shoes are something very particular requiring careful consideration, especially if a person is fond of unusual and creative ways of styling.

More specifically, men’s footwear has the following functions:

  • it is an indicator of a men’s taste and style conception – if it’s about luxury menswear these points can be considerable factors in communication with his friends and partners;
  • it makes the entire look integrated – shoes can serve as a unifying element to all the other items a man wears;
  • it serves as a style determiner – if a man wants to emphasize some accent or use a guiding element;
  • it makes the other non-verbal communication means more visible and clear.

A lot depends on where and how a man shows up.

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