Chains are a stylish accessory that looks great with almost anything. To help you find the perfect one for your outfit, consider a few key factors. For example, how long you want the chain to be matters. And you’ll also want to consider the type of pendant. 


Men’s gold chains come in a wide range of widths. You can find the right size to suit your style, from thick hollow chains perfect for pairing with a pendant to thin franco chains for wearing under formal attire. The average chain length for a gold necklace is 20 inches. This is the ideal length because it will fall below your shirt’s collar and won’t disturb the shape of your neckline. It also works well with various styles, including V and round necks.

Regarding width, a gold chain for men can vary from 1mm to 25 mm in thickness. A thicker chain will be heavier and offer excellent durability, while a thinner chain is more lightweight and flexible. Thicker chains are called heavy gold chains, while the thinner ones are known as light gold chains.


The length of a gold chain is an important consideration that will affect how it looks. Some men prefer shorter, more subtle styles while others desire statement pieces that make an impactful statement. To determine the appropriate length, measure your neck or collar using a soft tape measure and choose a chain two inches longer than it to avoid feeling too tight around the collarbone area. An improper length necklace may look sloppy and unfinished while too much bulkiness or awkwardness could create an undesirable appearance; selecting this look between your first and second button of your shirt’s collarbone for a classic styled look (known as “classic collarbone look” length. Chains in this style are versatile and can be worn inside or outside your shirt. This length is also ideal for wearing a cross pendant or other favorite jewelry piece.


Chains are a style staple that elevates any outfit. They are also an excellent investment that will last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. When choosing a chain, consider its width and shape. Men who wear a pendant will prefer a wide, thicker chain. If you want to keep it simple, go for a plain cable chain with identical links that connect to provide strength. Another popular choice is the curb or Cuban link chain that is flat and twisted into a rope pattern. This style is usually paired with pendants and can be worn by both women and men.


Chains are a classic piece of jewelry that always stays in style. They can be worn with almost any outfit and serve as a personal style statement. They can also be worn with a pendant to add even more style. Some people prefer a more subtle look and choose a simple gold chain necklace that blends in with the rest of their wardrobe. Others want a bolder style and opt for an eye-catching gold chain necklace. Cuban and Curb chain links are very popular among men because they are trendier, but other gold chains, like the classic Cable chain, are equally versatile. Another great option is the Foxtail chain, which has four-sided v-shaped links, making it a reversible style. To get into the gold chain game, measure your neck with a soft tape. Then, find a length that fits comfortably on your collarbone and lies flat against the skin.