When we talk about memory foam mattress, we usually talk about viscosity and density. It is mainly consist of polyurethane and also contain some other chemicals which increases its thickness and density. It manufactures like that its bubbles cells are open, so that air can freely move from it. Many companies in America and china make memory foam mattresses. In my opinion there is also big difference between American and Chinese made memory foam mattresses.

You think that memory foam mattresses are new technology and discovered recently. But in reality, the American space company NASA discovered Memory foam mattress in early 1970’s. It was usually discovered for airplane seats.

Green memory foam mattresses:

There are many types of memory foam mattresses, as traditional, plant-based and gel foam mattresses. But here we talk about green memory foam (plant-based) mattress. Green memory foam mattresses are plant-based mattresses, these mattresses are usually use coconut foam, soy and other green plants. These mattresses spring back more quickly than that of traditional memory foam mattresses. These mattresses have a clear and better footprint than other types of memory foam mattresses.

What makes memory foam mattresses more relaxing?

Viscosity and density are main ingredients of memory foam mattresses. So viscoelastic is known as memory foam because the open cells form a foam around your body and remembers it. Because it has a springing back property that is also known as slow moving property. So after you press down on it and release the pressure, it will remain in that shape for a few seconds before springing back up.

As the memory foam pushes down and fits around your body, it can ease pressure points.

Advantages and disadvantages of memory foam mattresses:


There are some pros, which make memory foam mattresses more popular than any other mattress type, and people buy them because of the following reasons:

a)  Tossing and Turning, it is the main cause of poor sleep at night so memory foam mattresses likely to reduce that factor.

b) Green based memory foam mattresses are made of such substances that are resistant to allergens, in compare with other mattresses that can contain up to million dust miles inside after a few years of use.

c)  They distribute body weight properly, which support your body.

d) Memory foam mattresses can help injuries heal faster, since memory foam mattress releases pressure points in your body.


There are also some cons about memory foam mattresses:

a) Heat, some memory foam mattress owners complain that memory foam become warm at night, which can be nice in the winter, but it could be fixed by using a mattress that has a natural Aloe Vera cove such as Katy Mattress.

b) Harsh chemicals, back when memory foam mattresses were first made, they were laced with many harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Nowadays, fewer harsh chemicals are used. But some American made plant based memory foam mattresses are non toxic and safe to use.

c) The quicksand effect, since memory foam contours itself to the body, some people complain that they feel stuck, and like they’re sinking into their bed. While it might be comfortable to some to literally sink into bed, others find it compressing.

In this world of memory foam mattresses, there is a clear and noticeable difference between American made memory foam and Chinese made memory foam mattresses.

American memory foam will have longer lifetime, as these mattresses are made with 100% visco-elastic memory foam. Also, American made memory foam is produced in a vacuity, giving the quality product. It was first developed for NASA and then used commercially, primarily in health institutions.

Chinese manufacturers will often add clay fillers to their memory foam that cause it to break down quicker. In addition to this, there is speculation that certain Chinese foams contain carcinogen (cancer-causing agents). Chinese foam may offer a product that carries an enticing discount, but there may be price to pay in quality and an even bigger cost to your health.

To conclude, American made memory foam is much safer than its imported counterparts because it is required to meet standardized quality control regulations. Although these American made mattresses are very expensive they will help you to maintain a healthy life. They will save your money which will be used for different medicinal purposes. So, in my point of view American made best brands mattresses are key factor to live happy and prosperous life.