Do you recognize the old man masked meme? Did this person become the highlight of the long-awaited ceremony?

The person whose meme went viral all over the world was none other than Bernie Saunders. He is a politician and has a long history in politics since 2007. The internet was full of his memes and his response was epic after seeing the memes.

So, if you are a fan of memes and you know what made all the social media sensation laugh, read this article to the end.

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About Bern Saunders

Bernie Saunders became a bit more famous around the world after his meme went viral on the internet as Meme With Old Man With Mask, so find out more about him.

Saunders has been a junior United States senator since 2007, and also a former mayor of Burlington. He also ran the presidential campaign in 2016 and 2020, taking second place each time. Bernie has a long history and a good bond with the Democracy Party.

He supports such movements as economic inequality, employment rights, paid parental leave, climate change, etc. He has always been interested in politics from his childhood, said that from his point of view it was essential.

Bernie’s history with politics is deep, but his meme turned viral has driven everyone to hysteria.

Meme With An Old Man With A Mask

Like orders, Bernie Saunders attended the inaugural ceremony of new president Joe Biden, but Saunders was different. He stood out from the crowd of participants.

He went viral because of his choice of the outfit he wore that day and the visitor was full of luxurious and designer outfits while Bernie was in a brown coat and brown gloves sitting in his seat.

The internet found the old man’s outfit selection and facial expression amusing, which caught everyone’s attention. People put his picture on and turned it into funny memes that made everyone laugh!

What was the reaction to Meme With Old Man With Mask?

When Bernie saw the internet flooding his memes, he tried to explain to people that he kept warm because the air was very cool.

While people were polishing what already exists, the fiasco continued and made Bernie a sensation. Memes are still viral and people laugh about it.

Let’s move on to the end now!


In closing, we’d like to mention that the long-awaited ceremony finally took place, and with that, Meme With Old Man With Mask also became a viral sensation. Internet users laughed amazingly as the memes kept coming and getting more and more fun.

And even Bernie’s reaction was priceless, along with his explanation to people. Even famous programs shared viral memes.

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