Who is Kartini? Why is Kartini Day celebrated? These are the questions that might pop into your head because on social media everyone is sharing Memami Kartini by saying “Happy Kartini Day”.

Kartini Day is celebrated each year on April 21 in Indonesia to commemorate the services of Raden Adjeng Kartini.

In this post, we will talk about why Meme Hari Kartini 2021 is gaining popularity. But before that, you need to know who’s behind it.

Who is Kartini?

Kartini, known as Raden Ayu Kartini, was a famous heroine in Indonesia for her services. She was known as the outstanding heroine of the liberation of rights and education of Indonesian women. She fought hard for equality between men and women.

In her difficult life, she founded a school for Javanese families to raise the standard of women in society, educating them at a meaningful level. There are many ways to commemorate Kartini, but the old state of Sukarno declared April 21 as Kartini Day. So Meme Hari Kartini 2021 is everywhere on social media.

Why is Hari Kartini a hero?

Kartini was born to a Javanese family on April 21, 1879. She was a noble child who obeyed national customs and traditions. When she was 12, she was forced to live at home and kept in isolation, and was sad about this act.

To deal with sadness, she liked reading science books, newspapers and magazines. Reading regularly, she became interested in improving the status of women and equalizing women and men.

Such efforts made her Meme Hari Kartini 2021 shared by Indonesian women. If she is your role model, continue reading to her about her life story.

When she was young, Kartini was married to Raden Adipati Joyodiningrat, who was broad-minded and supported Kartini’s wish. He gave her all the freedom by setting up a school called “Sekolah Kartini” for women to educate them in various fields such as Semarang, Surabaya, Madiun and others.

After her death, Mr. Abendanon collected her letters and published a book entitled “Door Duisternis tot light”. It has made it possible for all women to live the way they want.

Know about Meme Hari Kartini 2021

Below, we shared the most amazing meme collection for you to distribute on April 21, 2021.

• Happy Kartini Day to all women.

• Happy Kartini day 2021

• Come achieve the goals you wanted to achieve.

• Prove that she is a real woman and no less than a man.

• Stay positive about your attitude and destiny will steer your feet.

• It is hard at times, but your inner strength and positive attitude will not let you down.

• Do what you love and like; nobody will appreciate you.

• Happy Kartini Day to all strong women who have fought for themselves and are still fighting.

The last cut

Today’s topic is devoted to my Hari Kartini 2021, in which it is explained that no woman is smaller than a man. Kartini was a real woman who devoted her life to educating women in her school called “Sekolah Kartini”.

She was a real hero to all women who fought for the status, education and life of women. Do you consider Kartini a real woman? What do you think about her? Please share with us in the comment box provided.