Are you interested in tools that can clear the kitchen sink of blockages? If you’re looking to buy these items, you should verify the legitimacy of the site in the article.

There are numerous reports that show that women from Australia as well as in the United StatesCanada as well as Canada, and United Kingdom find devices that can ease their kitchen issues. However, a small percentage of them are looking for top-quality kitchen equipment on the budget of a purse-friendly. However, a lot of websites that are suspicious are also available for a reason that could lure customers in search of inexpensive products.

In this article regarding Reviews by Melanie we will assess the authenticity of the review by studying customer reviews.

Introducing The

The website states that they adhere to the principle of exclusivity because they understand and respect each and every desire to produce top-quality products. They also have declared that only the best suppliers are working with them, committed to satisfying the demands of their customers.

They provide custom products for all ages The following are listed below:

  • Filter and faucet booster.
  • Anti-collision strips.
  • LED gloves
  • Magic tapes.
  • Head massager.
  • Silicone tools for caulking.
  • Sink strainer bags.
  • Bed Sheet holders.

Specifications of the Portal

  • To discover the truth about Meludick legitimate we’ve noticed that the site has mentioned the company’s number as 12560187.
  • The phone number for the company is 442081233186.
  • The official link of the portal is
  • You can also contact the company at should you have any queries to ask.
  • Their address for office at 344-354 Gray’s Inn Road, London, Greater London, England, WC1X8BP.
  • 22-05-2021 is the date of registration for the website and will expire at 22-05-2021.
  • Users are able to choose the option of 14 days return policies offered by the company.
  • Meludick Reviews has reported that Meludick reviews has reported that the name of the business is listed in the form of Hymax Company Limited when you go to the Contact Us page.
  • The payment options are debit and credit cards as well as PayPal.
  • You are eligible for a refund within 3-7 business days after the company has approved your request.
  • The site provides a variety of options for shipping such as standard, free VIP, express, and standard and express, where your order will be shipped within 3-20 days.
  • If you are looking for a daily update of the site, you can select to sign up for their weekly newsletter.
  • The website doesn’t provide any information regarding the delivery policy which raises a problem. is Meludick a legitimate business ?
  • We’ve seen icons for social media on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • offers free shipping service for orders over $39.
  • The exchange policy data is not mentioned.
  • If you wish to cancel your order prior to shipment and you are not able to receive an exchange.

What are the Boons Offered by the Site?

  • A trust score of 58.5/100 is listed for
  • If you place an order over $39, you’ll receive free shipping.
  • The social media profiles are listed on the home page.
  • The Facebook page for the company is up and running, which we discovered in our investigation.
  • When you look at the Meludick Review Customer ratings and reviews are available on the site.
  • The newsletter feature is a good way to be aware of the site’s latest information.

Disadvantages of

  • A trust score of 1% is listed.
  • There is no delivery or exchange policy information is mentioned.
  • The majority of products have 5-star ratings and favorable reviews, which can create the impression of suspicion.

Is Meludick Fake?

  • Domain Age –It is a website that is 6 months old.
  • Trust Score Trust Score The trust score is quite low, which can lead to the impression of suspicion.
  • Alexa Rank- 1600031 is the web site’s Alexa rank.
  • PoliciesAll are in place, with the exception of the exchange and delivery policy.
  • Social media icons –Available but they aren’t active. However, we discovered the Facebook page for this site during our search.
  • Owner’s name- Unavailable.
  • Discounts –All products are discounted by 50 discounted rate.

Customer’s Meludick Reviews

After analyzing the Internet We have not been able to find any reviews related to the site or its products. Additionally, the absence of the customer reviews is highlighted on Trustpilot.

Furthermore, we’ve seen that users on their site have expressed their concerns about the purchasing process, but they haven’t yet responded. The social links for Instagram and Pinterest is broken. Furthermore, all products listed on the site are rated 5-stars and have favorable reviews, which has led to many doubts about their legitimacy.


In this article on reviews by Meludick we’ve shed the highlights of its services to find out if they are reliable or not.

Additionally, the website has a Facebook account that is not able to answer a few inquiries from customers. While it has a decent trust rating but it hasn’t been able to expand its offerings due to its inauthentic Instagram as well as Pinterest icons. In addition, it hasn’t received any positive reviews following it’s six-month period of establishment that makes it questionable. Check out this article to see if it has been deceived by it.